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Transform 'Mom Hair' into Modern Hair

by Mary Jo McGinnity, Fantastic Sams

Everyone knows about 'mom jeans,' but 'mom hair' is just as prevalent on most blocks. The permanent ponytail that is so easy and convenient, the outdated, frayed scrunchie pulling back unwashed locks or the baseball cap pulled down low to hide another bad hair day.

If you've jettisoned your mom jeans to Goodwill, it's time to show your hair some good will, too, by updating your look. Great hair doesn't have to take a lot of time or cost a lot of money - the following tips can help you turn mom hair into a hot hairstyle!

• If you've had the same style, the same color and the same length for as long as you can remember, it's probably time for a change. Ask your stylist for a free consultation and consider trying a conditioning treatment to moisturize, strengthen, add shine and help protect your hair color from the sun.
• To switch up your look, consider a new all-over color or highlights to brighten you up, or try one of the biggest hair trends of the year--bangs.
• Pulling your hair back is not forbidden, but if you always do the same ponytail or the same braid, try a different twist. Pull hair to one side for a side pony or consider a messy bun with some decorative hair pins or combs, a simple French twist or even pig tails. Any of these options are fun ways to uplift your do. Your hair will say thank you, because when hair is frequently pulled back in the same spot, it tends to cause breakage. By moving the position of your ponytail and using fabric-coated binders this will promote healthier hair.
• If you find yourself reaching for a hat to cover up unwashed bed head, instead try lightweight scarf or a stylish headband. There are a number of headband options--leather, fabric, metal--that never go out of style and also help to pull hair back in an updated trendy way.
• Consider adding texture, the newest term for perms, to update your look in a way that requires little maintenance and styling. We are not talking about the perms of yesterday that leave your hair fried. Today's texture treatments actually nourish your hair to make it easier to manage and some are temporary so you don't have to worry about growing it out.

Ultimately, your life as a mom matters more than your hairstyle, but even simple strategies can make your hair look healthy and stylish.

Mary Jo McGinnity is the regional director of education for Fantastic Sams of Minnesota. With more than 100 salons in Minnesota, Fantastic Sams offers affordable hair care for the entire family including cuts, color and texturizing services.

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