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What Your Hair Color Says About You


Plus Tips to Keep Your Colored Locks Looking Their Best

By Mary Jo McGinnity, Fantastic Sams

Colored or natural, long or short, curly or straight - your hair has a personality of its own. As a matter of fact, the color of your hair can color how others see you. Following are some traits associated with different hair color types as well as some general advice to maintain different shades and keep your colored locks looking their best.

If your hair is blonde...
You've probably been asked if you have more fun and heard your share of dumb-blonde jokes. Others might see you as warm and cheerful. Since kids generally have lighter hair than adults, blonde is sometimes perceived as youthful.

Natural blonde hair is often thinner and requires deep conditioning and overall maintenance.  However, blonde hair does not necessarily mean high maintenance.  Those who color their hair blonde can keep it looking beautiful by alternating full color appointments with shorter salon visits to freshen up "new growth" areas by applying partial foils to the roots or directly around the face.

If your hair is brunette...
People often view you as someone who is reliable, intelligent, and serious. The length of your brown hair also makes a difference - longer hair is sometimes seen as more fun-loving.

As a general rule, brown hair is the easiest to maintain, particularly if it does not entail covering up gray.   One way brunettes can save time and money to maintain their luxurious brown locks is to get "demi-permanent" color in between permanent color treatments. Demi-permanent color, which is not permanent yet won't wash out, provides a quick way to freshen up color and keep hair healthy.

If your hair is red...
It's probably colored - less than 5 percent of the population has natural red hair. Redheads are often portrayed as opinionated, fiery, independent, and passionate. Today, red hair color is more popular than ever, as an all-over color or as a way to add dimension to other hair colors.  When you think of red, don't think of merely Lucille Ball or Marcia Cross. Red can equate to a multitude of shades from strawberry blonde to brunettes with papaya or apricot shades that exude warmth.

Hair that is colored red can be more difficult to maintain. Like all hair that has been colored, reds should be protected from the sun or tanning beds. Like brunettes, maintenance of red hair can be eased by using demi-permanent hair color in between permanent applications.

If your hair is gray or white...
You give off an image of wisdom and maturity, regardless of your age. Sooner or later, almost everyone gets gray hair, whether you keep it or not is up to you and your stylist.

Camouflaging entails adding some color to better blend the gray and reduce the new growth line.  Others who embrace their gray can lighten and brighten their hair with a regular treatment to bring out the best in their silver locks.

Mary Jo McGinnity is the regional director of education for Fantastic Sams of Minnesota. With more than 100 salons in Minnesota, Fantastic Sams offers affordable hair care for the entire family including cuts, color and texturizing services.

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