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Tips for Get-Up-and-Go Hair!


Hair That Looks and Feels Good in Just 10 Minutes

By Mary Jo McGinnity, Fantastic Sams

If you are like most women, you spend less than 20 minutes on your hair every day. According to a recent survey by Fantastic Sams of Minnesota, approximately 40 percent of Twin Cities' women spend less than 10 minutes on their hair each day and more than 50 percent spent between 10 to 20 minutes.

Fantastic looking hair doesn't have to be a time zapper. Following are some tips and shortcuts to help you transition from messy morning hair to gorgeous daytime hair in just minutes.

Don't wash your hair every day. It will save you precious time and keep your hair healthier if you don't wash your hair every day. When you do wash, you can reduce blow-dry time by investing in a super-absorbent towel and an ionically-charged hair dryer, which will also leave your hair looking smoother. Another simple solution is to just wash or rinse your bangs or the front portion of your hair and let that fresh section speak for the rest of your hair.
Get a professional blow-out. Getting your hair styled professionally can last up to five days depending on the hair type. Stylists are able to pump in volume or blow dry a sleek smooth look that will last you a few days rather than trying to do this yourself everyday and damaging your tresses. Get up and go hair is the quickest and easiest way to speed up your morning hair routine.
Try an up-do style or ponytail. Summer is the perfect time to pull your hair back. From a sleek ponytail (or popular pigtails) to a messy bun to an elegant headband, use your favorite accessory to pull your hair out of your face for an easy and sophisticated look. Side ponytails are also very popular this summer, by bringing all your hair into a ponytail on one side.
Use the right products. Not only can products help to hold your hair in style longer, the right products help to provide volume, smooth hair and add incredible shine while protecting hair from the sun and heat from styling tools. Consult with your stylist about the right products for your hair type and style.
Add texture. Temporary wave treatments, which gradually wash out with 20 shampoos, are a great way to add extra body and ease styling in the summer months. Perfect for a vacation or a special occasion (e.g., wedding, prom, graduation), these treatments add volume and shorten styling time--an important benefit during the busy summer months.
Condition and cut. A good conditioning treatment will keep your mane healthy in the summer and the right hair cut will make it easier to style. Talk to your stylist about the best cut for your hair type and how to keep it looking its best longer.

Mary Jo McGinnity is the regional director of education for Fantastic Sams of Minnesota. With more than 100 salons in Minnesota, Fantastic Sams offers affordable hair care for the entire family including cuts, color and texturizing services.

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