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Green Living: Simple Steps for Busy People


People are finally realizing that the choices they make today directly impact the lives of future generations. Consumers are beginning to make decisions based on whether or not a product is recyclable and/or biodegradable, whether it is good for their family and whether it was produced using fair trade practices. The choices we make affect our health and the health of our environment. Green living means making choices in our daily lives that improves health, our way of life and our environment.

No doubt we are a busy bunch of people. The following describes some simple steps that make a huge impact on improving the way we live our lives on this planet.

Reuse and Repair Old Furniture
Before buying new, think about purchasing used. Check out local antique shops for unique furniture- something no one else has. You'd be amazed at the compliments you'll receive from others on your individual style.

Buy and Bring Reusable Containers
You can prevent a lot of trash by taking these easy steps: Take a reusable mug along for your coffee or tea. Purchase stainless steel water bottles to carry your water, rather than continually buying those nasty plastic bottles. Bring canvas bags to the market for your groceries, and pack your lunch with reusable containers.

Stop Unwanted Mail
Reduce the amount of paper you need to recycle and de-clutter your life by reducing the amount of junk mail that enters your home. Visit www.optoutprescreen.com to eliminate credit card offers.

Bring Home the Goods, Not the Packaging
Buy in bulk and purchase products with the least amount of packaging possible. When shopping, look for recycled content products to help save valuable resources, conserve energy and reduce pollution.

Recycle TV's, Monitors and Other Electronics
Keep mercury and lead out of our environment (and protect our health) by recycling your old TV's and monitors. Replace bulky computer monitors with a flat LCD monitor. LCD monitors use about one third the electricity of conventional tube monitors- the equivalent of leaving a 50-watt lightbulb on all year. Save our natural resources and keep electronics out of our trash.

Don't Burn Your Trash
Burning your trash in a burn barrel or fire pit releases poisonous toxins that pollute our air, water and soil, ultimately ending up in the food we eat. Get rid of your trash the safe way- through your local trash hauler or at local drop off site.

Paint with a Purpose
Choose a paint low in volatile compounds- VOC's. Inhaling VOC's can cause health problems as well as harm our environment.

Know Your Household Hazardous Waste
Open a cupboard in your kitchen, basement or garage and read a few labels. If the labels contain words such as caution, warning, danger, poison or toxic, those products most likely contain hazardous materials. Hazardous to you, hazardous to your family and hazardous to our environment if not used up or disposed of properly. Don't throw them in the garbage, don't pour them in the sewer and don't pour them in the ground.

Courtesy of earthfriendlyshoppe.com

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