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Weirdest School Rules

by Nicole LaMarco

The inspiration for this article came from a rule at my daughters' school that I was not aware of before. The rule is that the children are NOT allowed to stay inside during recess unless they are being punished. I was told the kids need to go outside and run around for a little while. While I do understand this, I think this is a weird school rule. If my daughter wants to stay in to study or read I think she should be able to. However, there is not enough staff to supervise them during this time. This discovery inspired me to search for more of the weirdest school rules, because I knew there would be more out there and here they are:

1. If girl's hair is not tied up it must not reach the shirt collar.
2. Wear a pink shower cap when your hair is dyed.
3. The photocopy machine is only for library books.
4. No earrings allowed.
5. No ankle socks.
6. Earrings are allowed but no ear sticks.
7. Boys must have short hair.
8. Students must go straight home after school.
9. No drinking water during class.
10. No latex allowed in the school.
11. Must not wear two or more pieces of clothing colored blue, red or black.
12. No backpacks allowed during school hours.
13. No birthday cakes or cupcakes
14. Get permission to throw away your trash at lunch.
15. No trench coats.
16. Identification must be on students and visible.
17. No colored contacts.
18. No sunglasses.
19. No headbands.
20. No face paint.
21. No candy will be sold during lunch hours.
22. No more field trips.
23. A field trip is equivalent to an absence.
24. No flip-flops, but Chinese slippers are OK.
25. Perfect attendance earns exemption from Senior finals.
26. Knives are allowed but the blade must be less than 3 inches long.
27. There is a zero tolerance policy for intolerance.
28. Use the same door to enter and exit the cafeteria.
29. No lunch period. Lunch is eaten in the classroom.
30. If you take the food tray you must eat at least three items.
31. No shirts with snowmen on them.
32. All relationships must be kept outside the school.
33. No food outside of the cafeteria.
34. No watching a fight.
35. No hugging.
36. No cards (invitations, holiday) unless you have brought one for every student in class.
37. No candy
38. Teachers cannot give students food.
39. A napkin cannot be taken unless food from the cafeteria was purchased.
40. No buying food or drinks during announcements.
41. No taking pictures of others.
42. Backpacks must be clear or mesh.
43. No hooded shirts.
44. No electronic devices.
45. Students must change their shoes before entering school.
46. Students cannot be in a group of friends larger than 5 students.
47. Regulation underwear must be worn.

All of these rules were found in online forums where people posted their weirdest school rules. What's your weirdest school rule?

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