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Marble Magnets: Easy Crafts for Kids


by Deb McLeod

If you are looking for a fun craft consider making marble magnets, which are simple to make but fun and creative. The sheer variety of marble magnet styles makes this a craft that everyone can put their unique stamp on.

Not only are they simple, but marble magnets are also inexpensive to make. Wrap a few up in tissue paper and present them to a teacher or daycare provider and you have crafted a gift that looks like more than it costs. Have the children make their own magnets that you can use to hang their artwork on the fridge. The possibilities with this fun craft are endless.

First, the supplies. To make marble magnets, you'll need the following:

♣ Flat backed marbles (found in the floral section of the craft store)

♣ Small magnets that are the same size as the marbles

♣ Clear-drying glue

♣ Scissors

♣ Simple and small pieces of art

Keep in mind that adults should probably handle the gluing for children who are under the age of about 8 or 9. Too much and the marble is ruined. As well, while you can cut out pictures to use under the marbles, children can also do simple line drawings or even use stickers under the marbles.

Here's how you make them:

1. First, trace around your pictures using the marble as a guide. Cut out the circles as cleanly as you can but keep in mind that once the magnet is on the back and the marble over the front, the overall design is fairly forgiving. If you are using stickers that are the same size as the marble, you can skip this step.

2. If you cut pictures out of a magazine or if the paper you used is very thin, first glue the design to a piece of cardstock and cut that into the circle shape too. If the paper is thin (like magazine paper), the glue will show through and ruin the look of the marble.

3. Dab a small amount of glue on a magnet and place the picture down on top of the magnet. Then put another dot of glue on the top of the picture and place the marble over the top. Hold the marble for a few minutes so it sets cleanly over the magnet. Leave to dry.

4. You're done. It's that simple.

Here are some ideas for packing these up for a unique gift.

Pack several of these into an Altoids container that you have covered with fabric. You can also buy plain aluminum tin containers that might hold a few of the magnets. Look in the scrapbooking section of the craft store for these.

If you're giving these to a teacher or daycare provider, consider taking pictures of each child under their care. Present them with a set of marble magnets that feature pictures of the children. Or have the children make simple drawings for the magnets.

Spell things out with the magnets. You can make one magnet that says, "I", another that has a heart and then a third that is your child's name. Consider using parts of their own artwork to make the magnets. If you are making magnets for a child's room, find wallpaper or other elements that coordinate with the room.

Making marble magnets is a rare craft that is suitable for all ages and abilities.

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