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Lengthen the Life of Your Hairstyle


Tips to Extend a Salon Visit

By Mary Jo McGinnity, Fantastic Sams

Many of us don't want to forgo regular haircuts or give up coloring our hair even if we are pinching pennies. However, it is possible to stretch the time between visits to the salon--and your budget--yet still maintain that "fresh from the salon" look. To lengthen the life of your hairstyle, follow these simple guidelines for extending your color and haircut.

Longer-Lasting Color: If you love your rich red, bold brunette, or brilliant blonde hair color, there are a number of ways to extend your color to help you save money and recession-proof your hair:

• Try not to wash your hair for at least one to two days after leaving the salon - this gives color time to absorb into the hair shaft so it will last longer. During that time, drink more water than usual - not only will it help hydrate your hair, it will provide an added bonus for your skin.
• Wash with warm water instead of hot water to prevent color from fading.
• Don't wash your hair every day! You can still rinse your hair in cool water, but wash it every other day at the most - every time you wash your hair, the color fades slightly.
• Avoid color-stripping generic shampoos. Use professional color-protecting shampoo and conditioner to enhance and preserve your color.
• Use a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush to avoid breaking your hair.
• Deep condition two weeks after your color, and at a minimum of once a week after to maintain strength, moisture and luster.
• Let your hair dry partially before using a blow dryer and use the lowest setting. Likewise, avoid overuse of heated styling products such as curlers and irons and remember to use thermal protectant to protect hair from styling appliances.
• Reduce exposure to the sun, salt water, chlorine and tanning beds--which all cause color to fade more quickly.

Cost-Cutting Style: A typical haircut lasts anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks; however, there are a few tricks to make a haircut work harder and last longer.

• Work with your stylist to determine the best style for your hair type and face shape, even though your hair may grow longer with the cut.
• Alternate haircut appointments with shorter salon visits e.g., a bang trim, neck trim, to freshen up a cut and keep your style current. Many stylists offer these "touch-up" services for free or at reduced prices.
• If you go to an upscale salon for a haircut, try a more inexpensive salon in between visits or alternate between your regular stylist and a more affordable option.
• Use professional styling products to control your hairstyle as it gets longer.
• Use hair accessories to hold your hair off your face until you can get in for that cut.

There are a number of ways to keep your hair looking good for less. Most importantly, don't forget to consult your stylist for more tips on how to lengthen the life of your hair color and style.

Mary Jo McGinnity is the regional director of education for Fantastic Sams of Minnesota. With more than 100 salons in Minnesota, Fantastic Sams offers affordable hair care for the entire family including cuts, color and texturizing services.

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