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"I Have a Closet Full of Clothes But Nothing to Wear!"

The Benefits of Wardrobe Consulting

By Julie Burton

How often do you look at your clothes hanging in your closet and recite the words, "I have nothing to wear!"? Or, "I can't believe I spent $200 on THAT!" Well, according to wardrobe consultant Lisa Rubin it really does not have to be like that.

For more than 24 years, Lisa has been designing wardrobes, providing personal shopping services, performing closet analyses, and presenting corporate seminars. Her clients are geographically and professionally diverse and include leaders of Fortune 500 companies, and large and small businesses, attorneys, accountants, doctors, television anchors, national politicians and numerous other professionals.

Regardless of a client's clothing size or budget, Lisa is committed to helping her clients assemble the essential wardrobe to instill confidence in career and lifestyle. Lisa ensures that her clients will spend their money wisely by utilizing the clothes they do have, and filling in missing holes in their wardrobe. The end result is that Lisa's clients have closets that are organized in a way such that getting dressed can be done with ease and confidence not with frustration and self-doubt. And yes, clients spend a little more money on the front end, but in the long run they make smart purchases that will pay their dividends over the years by having quality, versatile clothing that will last.
So, how does the wardrobe consulting process work?

The first step is to call or e-mail Lisa (612-747-6695 or lisa@wardrobeconsulting.net) to set up a time to chat on the phone (and this is free). Then if you choose to move forward Lisa will explain her fee structure and you will agree on a plan. The first thing that usually happens is that Lisa will come to your house for your closet analysis.

Now, before she gets to your house, you do have some homework. And here is the assignment:

You have a 1, 2, 3 system for your clothes in your closet:
1's are pieces that you absolutely love and cannot live without. These pieces have no snags or stains.
2's are the practical, functional pieces that work with your 1's: blouses, shells underpinnings, etc. These items also have no snags or stains.
3's are everything else: impulse buys (with tags still on), a pair of pants you've had since high school, a Christmas sweater that grandma gave you, items that are stained or snagged but you feel guilty getting rid of because you paid too much money for them...basically, items (including shoes) that you haven't worn in a whole year and clothes that you KNOW really shouldn't be in your closet.
You need to be in the right mood to do this: a decisive mood. If a 3 comes into your head, do not have a discussion with yourself about it. Just put it in the 3 pile. P.S., A little note about jeans. According to Lisa, "No matter how expensive that pair of jeans is, if they don't look good on your "tush," forget it, get rid of them!"

There is a fourth optional pile for those who have had significant weight fluctuations, have been pregnant in last year or are currently pregnant, or are undergoing a career change.
So, at that point, when the 3's have already left the scene, Lisa comes in and takes a look at your ones and twos to figure out what you really have and what you need. She makes a list of what you need to supplement your wardrobe including belts and other accessories. She will actually put post-it notes on your clothing to remind you of what goes with what.

Lisa will then take that list, your budget, and your size and will hit the stores. She will pre-select items for you and you will then meet her at designated stores where you will try on the items and she will help you decide what works and what doesn't. A "shopping coach" is what Lisa likes to call herself. When your appointment is complete, you will have a well-rounded, sensible, form-fitting wardrobe that you will look and feel good.

Moms who are on limited budgets, much of which goes to clothe and feed their children, need to be "thoughtful" and deliberate about their own wardrobe. Hiring a wardrobe consultant can be extremely helpful because if you have a very well thought out wardrobe, which does not mean expensive, you will have something for every function. Yes, you will pay Lisa a fee to help you fine-tune your wardrobe but it is a cost-effective (and time-effective) way of accomplishing your goal: establishing a wardrobe that really works for you.

"Moms do need to spend money on their 'uniforms,' whatever that may be," Lisa says. "All of my clients are moms and 90% are working moms. You have to look your part. I want you to look good and professional at work, and have the 'cute mom' look on the weekends.

Lisa's Top 10 wardrobe MUST-HAVES:
1) Black suit (pant and/or skirt)
2)  White Blouse
3)  All-occasion black dress
4)  Perfect fitting jeans
5) 3 underpinnings (shells, camisoles, and or dressy t-shirts) in your favorite colors
6)  Black pants
7)  2 pairs of black shoes, 1 high heel and 1 low heel (one could be a boot)
8)  1 additional pair of pants to mix-n-match with black
9)  Sneakers
10)   Black purse
There is an 11th item that actually should be number one, according to Lisa, and that is UNDERGARMENTS. Lisa is a huge proponent on spending a little more to get high quality undergarments. "An outfit can be ruined if you can see panty lines," Lisa says.

Lisa Rubin lives in Minnetonka with her husband and son. She also has a daughter in college.

Mention this article to Lisa and she will give you $50 off of your closet analysis.

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