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Make Your Home Business Better

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For anyone who is interested in starting a home business or is looking to improve theirs, there is good news. There are more technologies available than ever to make generating income easier and less expensive. Here are a few to consider:

Make sure you stand out - To make unique and fully customized business cards, postcards, thank you cards and other products to brand your company, check out printing companies such as MOO.com (www.moo.com). High quality products can help your brand get noticed without breaking the bank. Make sure you are remembered after the first meeting with a business card that's conversation worthy. Why not include photos of your products or yourself? Or choose from thousands of unique designs and tailor a card for every situation.

Get paid quickly - For freelancers or a small company, the difference between getting paid on time or a month late can have a huge impact. Using an online invoicing service like FreshBooks (www.freshbooks.com) is an easy way to save time, get paid faster and look Fortune 500 professional. A recent FreshBooks survey showed that customers got paid an average of 14 days faster after switching to FreshBooks. Better still, creating an account is completely free.

Work better with people in other locations - Most of today's businesses are not confined to one specific location. You may be working with a designer in a different state, or have a customer in a different country. To better collaborate, share ideas, and make sure that work gets done on time, try using programs like Huddle (http://www.huddle.net). The basic version of this service is free to use.

Create your own advisory board - Identify a network of informal advisors (friends, family, former colleagues) who would be willing to help out as your business grows. Make this network feel more solid by forming a private group on Facebook (www.facebook.com) that you invite them to join. Make this a place to ask questions and keep people up to date on what is happening with your business.

Ask questions - Use sites like Yahoo Answers (answers.yahoo.com) or LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com) to ask general questions that people anywhere can answer. Yahoo Answers is a great place to get feedback directly from consumers or experts on anything from gardening to fashion design, and with LinkedIn you can ask business-related questions of everyone in your network.

These are just a few of the products and services that you can use to get your business up and running, or make it run even better. Starting out on your own can be scary, but the right tools can make success possible.


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