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Chiropractic Care & Pregnancy: Unexpected Results

by Dr. Jo Becker-Puklich

Often times, people associate chiropractic care with the relief of neck or back pain. However, the benefits I've discovered are equally present in the treatment of pregnant mothers experiencing the all too common, lower back pain, and/or sciatica.

Pregnancy causes a multitude of unique circumstances in the woman's body. For example, people who gain weight typically do so over several years, permitting the body's musculoskeletal structure to adjust and accommodate to the increase in body mass. With pregnancy, however, a woman will gain an average of 20-50 pounds over nine months. This rapid growth in the woman's body can cause pelvic imbalance, and in turn, lower back pain.

In the past, traditional medical thinking portrayed such common ailments of pregnancy as lower back pain, sciatica, or leg/foot/hip pain, as conditions that would be resolved after giving birth. However, now we know that chiropractic care can alleviate most common ailments during pregnancy, without the use of pain relievers, or medication. As an extra, very important bonus, chiropractic care (by correcting the imbalance in the body) not only reduces, or eliminates pregnancy pain and discomfort, but may actually shorten the woman's labor.

Here's how: As the baby develops, the uterus enlarges to accommodate the rapid growth. As long as the pelvis is in a balanced state, the ligaments connected to the uterus maintain a supportive suspension for the uterus. If the pelvis is out of balance in any way, these ligaments become twisted and torqued, causing a condition known as constraint to the uterus. If the woman's uterus is constrained as birth approaches, the baby cannot get into the best possible position for birth. The baby may even be head down, as desired, but if there is constraint to the uterus this may slow down labor, and cause added pain to both mother and baby, during delivery.

These imbalances in the pelvis are very common and can cause foot, leg, or hip pain as well. Balancing the pelvis, with adjustments to the woman's body through chiropractic care, can promote overall stability.

I've been treating pregnant woman with chiropractic care and acupuncture for nearly 13 years, and I've found that these women experience much less discomfort during pregnancy, and have easier, shorter labors. As a mother of two, I think the words "easier," and perhaps, "less discomfort" are definitely words we want to experience and EXPECT during our pregnancies.

Live Balanced and Well Adjusted
Dr. Jo Becker-Puklich

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