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Bright & Easy Spring Crafts


by Deb McLeod

Spring is a time for renewal and brightness. We often think about moving furniture around, adding new pictures to the walls and bringing some flowers into the house. It's all about lightness and brightness.

Many of us also head to the craft closet this time of year, and it's a great idea to do so. You can create fun and bright crafts that bring the season to life. Many spring crafts are also kid-friendly and - best of all - affordable.

Painted butterflies
Make colorful butterflies out of coffee filters. This is an easy craft that children enjoy doing because they can make many butterflies without a lot of additional effort.

For this craft, you'll need:

Coffee filters
Black pipe cleaners
Acrylic paints, or watercolors
Paint brushes

To make, lay out the newspaper and lay the coffee filters on top. The paint will soak through the coffee filter, so don't skip this step.

Paint the coffee filters with paint, trying to make designs that mimic those you would find on a butterfly. Leave them on the newspaper to dry. When dry, fold the coffee filter like a fan, accordion-style.

Cut one black pipe cleaner in half and wrap it around the middle of the coffee filter; adjust the tops of the pipe cleaner to make antennas, then fan out the coffee filter so that both sides look like butterfly wings.

You can hang the butterflies from the ceiling or in front of a window with fishing line or yarn.

May Day cones
These cones are a great way to use leftover scrapbooking paper. Choose paper that's bright or colorful or has a unique design. You can use solid paper, but those with designs will be more attractive when made into a cone.

Using the 12x12 size paper cut about 2 inches off one side of the paper (so your paper is about 10x12 inches). Roll the paper into a cone, making sure that the paper at the bottom of the cone has come together. You can add a small staple at the bottom to hold the cone together if need be.

Now at the top of the cone, staple the cone together. Only use a few staples, just enough to hold the cone into a cone shape. If you want your cone to look very professionally done, use colored staples in colors that coordinate with your paper.

From the 2" wide piece of paper that's left from when you trimmed the paper, cut a 1" wide strip. You can leave it 12 inches long, or you can cut it in half to make a smaller loop for the cone.

Staple one end of the strip of paper on either side of the cone to make a cone handle.

You can fill these cones with candy or flowers (or a combination of the two) and hang on doorknobs on May Day (May 1) to welcome spring.

Mosaic flowerpots
Make flowerpots that showcase a special spring plant or flowers. These make great gifts for grandparents or for Mother's Day. Teachers might also like to get one of these as an end-of-year gift.

What you'll need:
Clay flowerpot
Ceremic tile grout (sold pre-made at home improvement stores)

Flat-backed marbles (from the floral section of the craft store)

Lay newspaper down on your work surface and spread the flowerpot with grout. Quickly, before the grout begins to set, place the flat-backed marbles in any design you wish around the flowerpot. You can also use pieces of broken glass, broken tile and even shells if you wish.

Use a small amount of grout to fill in the rough edges or where the grout is low, so the surface is even. When it dries, use a damp sponge to wipe off the grout film.

Add a potted flower or plant and enjoy!

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