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Simplify and Organize Your Family for the New Year


by Nicole LaMarco

The New Year brings us a clean slate so we can start new goals and resolutions. This is a great time to simplify and organize your family. This can help everyone in your family feel less stress and know what to expect every day.

Organize with One Calendar and a Planner

Use one calendar for the whole family and coordinate it with a planner that you travel with. Coordinating your calendars is very important for appointments that you need to schedule while you are out at the doctor's and dentist's offices. When they prepare to schedule the next appointment for you just open up your planner and you already know when a good time is. No more double booking!

Tear Apart Your Closets
Declutter your closets. Have some laundry baskets, boxes or large bags ready for removal. Some clothes will need to go. After you do this it will be easier to keep your wardrobes simple and organized. Why have clothes that don't fit or clothes that you do not wear anymore? Have one box labeled "keep", one labeled "store" and one labeled "go". If you have worn it in the last month and it fits it can go in the "keep" box. If you have not worn it in the past month, or it does not fit it goes in the "go" box. The "store" box is for clothes that are for another season. Donate the clothes you need to get rid of to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Throw Some Stuff Away
Declutter your home. Walk around each room with a trash bag. Take your time. Look around and get rid of things you just do not need lying around, even your kids' things. If they do not put things away and take care of them, then they probably will not even notice it is gone. If they ask you can say that they need to take care of their things if they want to keep them. While you are walking around look for things like old magazines and newspapers, and anything that you just do not need.

Everything Needs a Home
Create a place for everything and make sure everyone in your family knows about it. Things need to be put back in their place when they are done being used. If something does not have a place in your home it could get lost, broken and simply be not taken care of. When everything has a place cleaning your home is much less overwhelming. It becomes easy.

Analyze Your Schedule
Simplify your schedule. Moms tend to do way too much and not even realize it! Sit down with your schedule. If you don't have one create one. Write down what you do when you do it: work, school meetings, volunteering, etc. Do you really need to do everything that you do? Do you enjoy everything that you do? If you need to cut down on your activities know is the time. Schedule time for yourself to do with whatever you enjoy the most. It could be meditating, exercising, watching a movie, or sleeping. You need some time for yourself to keep your energy going in order to keep your family organized.

These are just a few things to get you started in simplifying and organizing your family for the New Year and everyone will notice a difference!

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