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Olive Oil Facial Cleansers - Are They For You?


by Jami Goode

Some women swear by olive oil facial cleansers and they may be very good for someone who has excessively dry skin, but the oils are not actually cleansing ingredients. If you follow the recommended use for an olive oil facial cleanser, you will use warm water, a clean cloth and you'll massage. It is the massaging that loosens dirt and dead skin-cells, but if you have any excessive oils, they won't be removed in this manner.

There are multi-ingredient olive oil facial cleansers on the market. You just need to learn about the other ingredients in the bottle before you begin to use it. If you want something gentle, but a little more effective, you might want to look for tea tree oil. It has antibacterial and antioxidant activity. Of course neither a single-ingredient olive oil facial cleanser nor tea tree oil will foam.

Any of the ingredients can be combined with foaming agents, but if you see ethylene oxide listed on the label, proceed with caution. It is known to cause the formation of cancer-causing Dioxane during the manufacturing process. Even some of the so-called "natural" products contain it. Manufactures should test completed batches for this contaminant, but most of them don't.

Unless you have very dry skin, an olive oil facial cleanser is not the best choice. If you do have dry skin, your problem may be more than just the cleansing products that you are currently using.

All cleansing agents cause some dryness and should be followed by a safe and effective moisturizer. Some cleansing agents are more drying than others. If the daily products that you are using contain ethanol, methanol or other petroleum based alcohols, then they are causing a lot of your problems. If the moisturizer that you use contains petrolatum, it isn't actually moisturizing your skin.

Olive oil facial cleansers will help you get your skin back in condition, but follow up with an excellent day cream and a rejuvenating night cream. The ingredients to look for include Functional Keratin and grape seed oil for the daytime, Functional Keratin and avocado oil for nighttime use.

There is only so much that an olive oil facial cleanser can do. For those of you who have some oily spots, they can make the problem worse. There are some active elements in olives that are good for your skin's health. They include vitamin E and essential fatty acids, but extracts from olives are better ingredients than the oil itself.

Skin experts suggest the inclusion of olive-extract in body lotion, but they normally don't recommend olive oil facial cleansers. They do recommend a bi-weekly mask that contains clay extracts and macadamia oil, which is luxurious and penetrates deeply. It also prevents the clay from drying out on your skin.

Now, you know a little more about the alternatives to an olive oil facial cleanser. Find out more about what the experts have to say about your skin's health. You'll find that olive oil facial cleansers are rarely on their list.

Jami Goode researches effective anti aging skin care products that protect and promote good health. Visit her site at http://www.radiant-and-clear-skin.com/ to discover the skin care products that Jami recommends.

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