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Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One During Valentine's Day

By Louise Zweben, CEO of SympathyTree.com


Valentines Day's, anniversaries, birthdays and the holiday season are especially difficult if you have recently lost a loved one.   It is normal to be depressed during these days, as you think of the times you spent together, knowing that those days with that special person are now in the past.  The best gift you can give yourself from that special person this Valentine's Day is to start looking ahead.  However, it is important to remember that looking ahead does not mean forgetting that special person and leaving those memories behind.  It is actually the opposite - looking ahead is about finding a way to keep those fond memories alive forever, knowing that no one can take those times away from you, and that now is the time to move beyond the past and look ahead.  This decision to look ahead is an essential part of the grieving and healing process and is vital to your health and balance.  On this Valentine's Day, let me share with you four ways to show your love for the one you've lost, while continuing on with your journey of healing.

• Create an online memorial, a unique and meaningful way to capture the life of someone you have loved and lost in stories and pictures, and then share those special memories with close friends and family.  Such a memorial keeps all family and friends, including the ones who live far away; talking about the times they shared with that person to provide you the comfort of a close community.  Through an online memorial, you build a tribute to that special person which captures what made them so special.  You can create an elegant online memorial in just a few minutes with basic computer skills by using a website that offers memorial sites.  Above all, it is a love letter to them on this special day.  It can help in mourning and healing, so that we can begin to take the first steps needed to move forward.
• View photographs and watch videos of you with your loved one as a way to remember the times you shared with them.  Blocking it out when it hurts is not the right thing to do.  In fact, the first step in moving forward is looking back.
• Invite close friends or immediate family over to share a meal or just some time together.  Any time that you spend with them can be a very cathartic and reflective time and begins the process of putting things in perspective.
• Pledge to join a support group so you can learn to cope with the loss of someone who was a part of what made us what we are.  So, what do we do, how do we go on after they are gone and how do we deal with the grief?  In addition to family and friends, a support group can help you during this difficult time. 

These four things may be the best way to pay tribute to them, to begin to deal with your loss, and to do something very special for them and for yourself on this Valentine's Day.

Louise Zweben is the CEO of SympathyTree, an online memorial site .  Louise first had the idea for SympathyTree.com from her personal experiences in dealing with the death of a close family friend. Louise is a serial entrepreneur with successful businesses spanning a wide range of areas including Technology and Real Estate.

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