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FrugalMom's Tips for Children's Clothes


By Angela Heidt

When I found out that I was pregnant, one of the first thoughts I had (after "oops") was how much fun I would have buying outfits for my little one. A few days later I was walking past a Baby Gap and saw a super-cute outfit in the window so I went inside, intending to buy it for my bundle of joy. About 30 seconds later I walked out in disgust after having found out that the outfit would put me back about $50. Who is going to pay fifty dollars for a three-piece outfit that would be worn for all of a few months? Forget it.

And so from that moment I became FrugalMom, on a quest to find great clothes for my kids without dropping a chunk of dough the size of my new pregnant belly. I incorporated children's clothes into my already frugal budget and found that it wasn't too hard to get clothes for kids without taking out a second mortgage.

For the first two years or so, kids grow out of their clothes so fast that buying anything new, or at least full- priced seems like a colossal waste of money. Then from 3 years onward they are so hard on their clothes that you really want to save the spiffy stuff for holidays and pictures.

So off I went on my newfound quest, and my first stop for baby clothes was friends and family members who already had kids. Little did I know that most people have a box or two of clothes that they chuck in a closet and forget about, until someone reminds them. One of my friends had kept all her boys' clothes since they were a year old and I ended up with two garbage bags full to take me through until my son was four.

The second stop on my tour-de-frugal was thrift stores and consignment shops. While I found that the thrift store clothes were usually not in great shape, and the consignment store pieces were overpriced I still ended up with a few terrific pieces. Whenever I am in the area I usually stop for a few minutes and pick through the racks; you never know what sort of great finds there will be.

Now for the coveted secret of all frugal moms out there; a well-guarded secret that I am prepared to divulge with you. THE BEST PLACE FOR KIDS CLOTHES IS EBAY. Seriously, you will get much better quality than a thrift store and pay only about $1-2 per piece including shipping. I'm talking about gently used clothes, although you will find brand new clothes on eBay for a bargain as well. There are hundreds of clothing lots available every day on eBay just waiting for a new home. All you need to do is bid.

As for brand new clothes, once my kids were born I began trolling stores like Walmart and Target for their off-season super clearance fare. If I saw something I really liked on clearance I would buy the size that my child would be next year. This way they get to have some nice new clothes in their wardrobe and I don't have to shell out a wheelbarrow full of cash.

One final tip: when your kids have outgrown their clothes, if you don't have another family member that could use them, put them up on eBay. While you won't get your money back, you'll probably average a 50% return of what you spent, which means you'll have money to buy more kid's clothes!

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