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Great Gifts for Girls under $25

by Nicole LaMarco

If you're trying to figure out the right gifts to purchase for the girls in your family, there are plenty of choices to pick from. You can find a wide range of gifts for a reasonable price of under $25. Here are some of the best ideas you might want to consider.

Girls Gifts: Dolls
The baby doll gifts industry has taken off in a big way for girls in recent years. Now you can find tons of choices with a number of gifts options being priced under $25. One example is a line of dolls from Disney based on their popular Princess line of characters. Each doll resembles a princess: Belle, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty. They crawl, giggle, and even drink from a bottle-- for under $20, which means they are ideal gifts.

For some girls, it's not Christmas without Barbie gifts. If you want to fill that void, you can find some gorgeous dolls under $25. The best choice is the Barbie & the Diamond Castle doll. Based on characters from one of Barbie's movies, this doll is dressed in a beautiful gown that is sure to impress most little girls. Just remember these dolls are only appropriate for girls over the age of 3.

Girls Gifts: Games
Girls and boys both enjoy playing games so if you're stuck for an idea this is one possibility to consider. One great choice is Cranium for Families. The game includes a mix of questions for children age 8 and up to adults so that the entire family can play together and have a good time. Monopoly, Life, and Scrabble would all be great classic choices that girls would enjoy playing with their families.

If your girls are fans of Hannah Montana or High School Musical, you can find a number of games based around these franchises as well. A version of Twister featuring Hannah Montana's music is available for well under $25.

Girls Gifts: Stuffed Animals
One of the most beloved gifts for girls of almost any age is the stuffed animal. Today, many on the market would fit your budget and would appeal to the child on your holiday list. One of the most unique is the Puppy Grows & Knows Your Name. As the name suggests, the puppy becomes an adult size dog (not full-size) in about four days. During that time, a programming CD allows the stuffed gifts to learn your child's name and to even sing songs using her name. While this is a great gift, not all stores are selling them for under $25, so be sure to watch for sales and bargains or check out the Internet for the best prices on these potential gifts.

If the girls love Webkinz, then consider giving them as gifts. One of the cutest options is a whimsical pink dragon. Like all of the Webkinz animals, it comes with the ability to play games and do interactions through the Internet using a specially included code. Most of the Webkinz animals are priced under $25.

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