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Top 5 Winter Hairstyles


By Nicole LaMarco

No matter your hair's texture or length, whether you want something easy to care for or something that's a little more work, the styles this season can accommodate you. Here are five hairstyles that are being talked about and worn by fashionistas this year:

1. Loose waves (Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson): This style works best if your hair is at least shoulder-length, and preferably a little longer. Sometimes this style is called "beach hair" as well. To get the effect, spray your freshly washed hair with texturizing spray and massage it in. Blow dry your hair straight and brush through. When it's completely dry, take a wide-barrel curling iron and roll hair, alternating direction of curls. Once hair is cool, put some shine serum in your hands and rub it around; use your hands to shake and loosen the curls. One cheat is just to wash your hair and braid it, then go to bed and shake it out in the morning!

2. Sleek Bobs (Katie Holmes, Eva Longoria): A bob like this requires a stylist who is informed of what you want and frequent snips to keep it looking fresh, but at home it's a breeze! As long as you have a blow-dryer and a good straightening iron, you're set. Simply blow hair dry then straighten in 1" sections. After straightening, work a hair balm into the bob. You're ready to go!

3. Long Bangs (Nicole Ritchie, Mena Suvari): Long bangs traditionally start at the crown of your head to evoke a classic style. This also, of course, requires a stylist. The shape of your face will need to be considered: with an angular face, softer bangs would be more flattering. For an oval face, long bangs cut bluntly will show off your eyes. Consult your stylist and you'll find a cut you feel comfortable with.

4. Face-Framing Layers (Jennifer Aniston): Even if you have super curly hair that shouldn't stop you from trying layers. In that case try long, graduated layers all over to tame the frizzies. For thin hair, cut some of it to ear or chin length for more body. For wavy or straight hair, cut more layers underneath for a shapelier look.

5. Modern Pixie (Posh Beckam, Agyness Dean): This cut is very daring and fashionable, but it's also the biggest change! Find a stylist who is very experienced with trends and has done cuts like this before. She or he will probably ask you a lot of questions to make sure that a pixie cut is what you truly want. A modern pixie cut usually involves longer bangs that are sideswept, but not necessarily. This cut is tough to grow out and takes a fair amount of upkeep (expect to need a trim every four weeks or so) but it's also the easiest to maintain.

From short to spiked, from layered to sleeked, these top winter hairstyles can be worn by anyone. Just find what feels right for you and take the risk!

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