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Top 5 Products for Busy Moms


By Nicole LaMarco

Parents have so many choices these days with gimmicks and gizmos advertised to aid them in childrearing. Lots of things aren't safe for kids and others aren't all they are promised to be. Here is a top-5 list of products for parents that will really help and get kids involved.

1. Mark My Time Bookmark -- This was written up in O, Oprah's own magazine. Children keep the bookmark in whatever magazine or book they are reading and activate the time whenever they begin reading. The goal is 30 minutes of reading per day. Kids love it because it's brightly colored and it gives them a sense of control. No more shouting to ask mom "am I done yet?" because this device let's you set a timer, or time yourself. Available at retail bookstores nationwide.

2. TV Timer/BOB -- This machine allows parents to time and control how much, if any, children may spend on any one media device. Works with any TV, computer, or gaming console: the power cord from any media device is plugged and locked into BOB, and BOB is then plugged into any standard outlet. Parents may dictate an amount of time and when it expires, whatever media children are using automatically shuts off. Each child has a PIN for the BOB to access the machine they want to use, which parents can access and monitor as well. You can find this gadget online very easily and at many religious bookstores.

3. Dot. Mine -- Day planners designed by and for busy professionals/parents with an aim to maximize time and organize several schedules. They are available in a variety of unique covers (tucked in plastic, to preserve the planner for the year) and at many retailers nationwide. There are spots for your kids' friends' names, information for and about babysitters, even a chart for the year so family events can be jotted down well in advance.

4. Children's Alarm Clocks -- It's never too early to start gearing your child towards accountability. Alarm clocks are a great way to have children control when they wake up (although you might want to take it out of their room on Christmas morning!). Bright clock faces teach kids how to tell time and how to count. At any of the "big box" stores they have alarm clocks in the shape of their favorite cartoon or book character for a very reasonable price.

5. Dance TV Game -- If you have kids addicted to video games this is definitely one to look into! An adapter plugs into the television and links an essentially computerized mat to the TV, where kids can choose their song and dance to it. The screen shows you where to step on the mat and monitors whether or not they've done the steps correctly. If you have a couch potato kid this will get them up and moving. Good for grownups, too! You can find it online or at retailers that focus on gaming.

Technology is a great friend to parents. Research what devices are out there and see what fits into your family. Choose wisely and safely, and make sure to have fun!

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