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Create a Sexy Bedroom Environment


by Deb McLeod

When there are children afoot, it can be hard to get naughty. It's even harder when your bedroom isn't set up for sexy interludes. It's hard to get intimate in a room that's full of laundry, magazines and other clutter.

It's important, then, that you learn how to create a sexy bedroom out of what you have. Then you can claim that bedroom for what it is - a haven for you and your spouse. And we promise - what happens in your bedroom, stays in your bedroom.

Clean it up
First and foremost, keep that room clean. Ban the kids from coming into your room because they inevitably (depending on their ages, of course) bring things with them that only serve to clutter up the room more. You can still allow them in for family movie nights or other special occasions, but on the whole keep that room for adults only and remind the kids that this is your space and they can respect that.

As well, keep the clutter to a minimum, meaning to nil. It can be hard to do this when life is busy and your room is an easy place to stash things, but resist the temptation to just not care and let things stack up. It's often a less cared-for room than the living room or kitchen, but to create a sexy environment, it's important that it remain clean and inviting.

Keep it clean
So, you got your bedroom clean and even perhaps enjoyed the fruits of your labor. You felt more relaxed and more ready to get frisky. But a week later, the laundry has piled up and the dresser is covered in socks and magazines.

It's important that you treat your bedroom like the sexy beast that it is, and revere it. Keep it clean. Do a daily sweep of the room and make sure that by evening, it's still as relaxed and serene as it was the night before.

Leave the TV in the room
Many relationship experts will tell you to remove the TV from the bedroom. It's a distraction, they argue, and does nothing to keep your room serene and to get you in the mood.

We beg to differ and here's why: First, many people relax by watching television and for many people, the ideal spot is on the bed. If an important part of getting frisky is being relaxed first, the television might fill an important need. In addition, if you are watching television that's at all sexy, the two of you can enjoy that before enjoying each other. Just remember to turn the television off when you're getting frisky. That's where the trouble comes in. If the TV is tuned to a late-night show that's not on the sexy side, and one or the other of you is interested is watching while also enjoying intimacy, that can mean trouble. Turn it off to keep you both turned on.

Keep hidden toys on hand
Keep a basket on hand that's filled with sexy toys. Keep in mind the comfort level of both you and your partner, but think about toys that might add some spice. Just knowing that those toys are nearby and available will spark something once in a while.

Think color
If you want sexy, think about colors that will be sexy. Get rid of the blue and pink floral comforter and replace it with either muted soft tones like beiges and creams, or go exotically sexy and add some rusty red to the walls and gold or red to the bed. Red is the color of sexy, so add some red to your room somehow.

Although this suggestion is a bit more work than the others, there's a huge payoff - you create a room that's inviting, sexy and warm. You create a space that you want to go into and that the two of you will want to spend time in together. It's worth the time.

Invest in linens
You might put your own bedroom last on the list when it comes to getting new and good quality bedding, but don't. Invest in good pillows, a wonderful down comforter and high thread-count sheets. These things will create an inviting and comfortable space. You'll want to get into bed and when there, you'll feel sexy.

Think of the bath
If your bedroom includes a bathroom, put a little energy in dressing up the bathroom. Add candles and perhaps some plants. Think about how to make that space inviting and relaxing. You might get new rugs, something that's thick and soft. You might get some high-quality bath products so you can fill the tub with things that smell good. Then hop in, and invite your spouse to join you. You can take it from here.

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