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Work out Like the Pros


By Stacey Colino

For fitness experts, working out is a way of life and work. So how do they exercise when they're off-duty and no one is watching? Here, five fitness gurus reveal their favorite ways to work out. Take a lesson from them, and you might just infuse some fun and freshness into your own sporting life.

Get Out and Play!
When Tamilee Webb works out, she makes it a social occasion by playing tennis two to three times per week. Says the star of The Best of Tamilee: Buns, Abs & Arms exercise DVD: "I love being outdoors, and with tennis, before I know it two hours have gone by because I'm so immersed in the game and I'm having a good time because it's social." She adds, "Tennis is also great for the whole body because it involves lots of upper body explosions and starting, going and stopping, which is really good for my hips and thighs."

Try It Find a sport you enjoy -- whether it's tennis, soccer, volleyball, kickball or flying disc -- and join a league. "Play is movement," Webb says, "and if you find a way to play that you really enjoy, you'll be motivated to do it again and again."
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