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Healthy Babies, One Tiny Bite at a Time


by Megan Torini

Organic baby food.

We all wish we had the time and talent to make it, but face it, a lot of us don't. Heck, the majority of us are so busy, we wish it would just "appear" at the dinner table. We want the best for our babies, but making our own baby food seems like so much work.

Lori Karis, Owner of Sweet Cheeks Baby Food, loves making organic baby food. Lori's been making organic baby food for over 20 years and is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, so customers can be confident that she knows what she is doing.

All of the ingredients of Sweet Cheeks baby food are completely organic- produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Grown locally and made locally, Lori works with a small family organic farm in Northfield, MN, as well as Whole Grain Milling in Welcome, MN. If any other ingredients are needed, she supplements from Mississippi Market in St. Paul. Talk about a completely local product-that's the next best thing as to growing the fruits and vegetables in your very own garden!

Sweet Cheeks baby food is made fresh weekly and frozen into individual servings- you can't say that for the baby food sitting in the jar on the grocery store shelf. Sweet Cheeks baby food is designed into 3 levels: Newbies, Combos and Baby 'role. The Newbies level are single, easily digestible fruits and vegetables. The Combos have a mix of veggies, fruits and grains, which adds a bit of texture to the meal. The Baby 'role is a baby casserole- a yummy combo of veggies and grains, and great for toddlers who are just learning to feed themselves.

Will the kids like them? Our panel of judges (2 toddlers and 3 adults) really enjoyed them- all of them. And believe it or not, some of them make great meals for adults- like the Steel Cut Oats and Apple 'role- just add some sugar (or not!) and it makes a tasty, healthy alternative to other breakfast foods.

Sweet Cheeks Baby Food is sold online at www.sweetcheeksbabyfood.com , and can also be found at Golden's Deli at 275 East Fourth Street, located in downtown St. Paul. These delicious little meals are also sold at the St. Paul Farmer's Market on Saturdays and Sundays.

So check out the delicious menu of organic baby food (gift certificates are also available, making it the perfect gift for new moms) at SweetCheeksBabyFood.com, and let Lori do all the work for you!

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