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The 2008 Fall Palette - For Hair Color


By Jon Charles Salon LLC

There are many factors that go into determining fall hair color trends. This year, there are a few new things to consider: the previous long, cold winter and this short summer where everyone tries to cram in as much SUMMER as possible. Mainly, people get a little too much sun, and/or they over-blonde their hair in an effort to get the most out of the diminutive summer.

Fall trends are heading for a Zen-like, healthy look. I believe we will be looking for comfort and health. Look for healthier, richer, warmer tones and get rid of the over- processed summer highlights. Put the bleach away, and re-do all richer reds, and warm browns--Red violet is out! You can go 60-100 miles out of any city and still see them at the strip malls. out. Out. OUT.

IN is tints done darker at the base, and lighter and warmer on the mid-strands to the ends. Imagine honey light browns, caramel-chocolate medium browns, and rich, mink dark browns all sporting darker roots and lighter ends. Ask your colorist to apply two levels darker at the base, and one level lighter and warmer on the ends. You will get a quality color that is always the perfect formulation for shine, luster, and minimal re-growth.

It's a technique we at Jon Charles Salon call the "trick"-- a way to get quality, rich color perfect every time. On top of the color, you may want to put a few lighter highlights, possibly using the Baliage technique (a French freestyle technique of creating natural, hand-painted highlights).

This fall, think about the following elements: saffron, cinnamon, copper, gold, and the dark brown earth.

Jon Charles Salon LLC
1221 W. Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55408

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