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Workout With Your Other Half


By Karen Asp

Everyone knows working out with a buddy can help you stick with exercise, but when that buddy is also your spouse, the rewards can be even more gratifying. Just ask Mike Curry, a certified personal trainer in Los Angeles who exercises with his wife, Adella, twice a week, running, skating, hiking or cycling. "Just having Adella with me is a bonus, because we get to enjoy each other's company doing things we love, but also, when I see how much she challenges herself, I can't help but be impressed," he says. Even more rewarding? The intimacy factor: "Whether you're sweating with your partner or helping your partner stretch, thoughts alone can arouse you, which can lead to more sex," he adds.

Terri Orbuch agrees. "Exercise can give you that adrenaline high, which gets transferred to your partner, making the relationship feel more exciting and passionate," says the Detroit-based marriage and family therapist known as "The Love Doctor." Becoming exercise buddies also gives you the opportunity to provide motivation and support for one another, especially if one of you needs to exercise for health reasons. "Couples are so busy these days that one of the first things to go is relationship time," says Orbuch. "By exercising together, you're killing two birds with one stone: getting physically healthy while strengthening your relationship."
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