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Aerobics in Disguise


By Wendy Korn Heppt

After her landmark 45th birthday, Mary Zorcik went on a fitness kick to get in shape. "I tried a step class but couldn't follow it," says the North Carolina teacher. Then "I joined a power walking group, but I lagged way behind. Finally I joined a local gym, but I felt way too self-conscious. I decided to give up on aerobics for good. But now [a year later] I feel so out of shape I'm starting to regret it."

Mary's story is not unique. Studies show that half of all adults who begin a new exercise program quit. So how do you get in shape if you hate aerobics and consider "cardio" to be a bad word? "Chances are you only think you dislike aerobics, when you really just don't like the scene at a gym or you find fitness classes intimidating or solo workouts boring," says Kim Lyons, celebrity trainer for "The Biggest Loser." The key therefore is to find a physical activity you either enjoy or have another good reason to do so that getting fit is merely a side effect of having fun or doing something meaningful. Some ideas to get you started:

Get video-fit The most innovative new way to work out is with active video games like Wii Fit, an extremely interactive cyber personal trainer with more than 40 activities, from running with a virtual partner to whirling a Hula-hoop around your waist. Another calorie-burning video workout is Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) Extreme, a competitive dance game you play by moving your feet on a controller pad while following directional arrows on your TV.

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