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Olympic Cyclist Puts a New Spin on Arthritis Awareness


World Champion cyclist Kristin Armstrong, 34, was diagnosed with osteoarthritis nearly seven years ago. Already an accomplished tri-athlete, slowing down wasn't an option so she turned to cycling as a sport that would be easier on her joints. Through hard work and determination, she is now preparing to compete as a cyclist in the upcoming 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China. This year, Armstrong is supporting the Arthritis Foundation's annual Arthritis Walk events and Team TripleFlex by sharing her personal success story.

"I found that cycling was a great way to remain active and keep my joints strong," says Armstrong. "My goal is to inspire and motivate those with arthritis and related joint discomfort to stay fit and do the things you love whether it's playing with your children or grandchildren, gardening or hiking your favorite trail."

Armstrong offers her top five tips for being active and maintaining joint health.

* Fuel It Up - Experts agree there is a special connection between nutrition and joints. A balanced diet high in antioxidants containing citrus fruits, green, leafy vegetables and omega-3 fatty acids such as those found in salmon provides active adults with the nutrients they need to maintain joint health. A balanced diet also gives you the energy you need for your favorite activities.

* Walk It Out - Research shows that physical activity is one of the best ways to keep joints in top shape as it helps maintain weight and build strength, which aids shock absorption and injury prevention. Walking and biking are two of the best exercises to maintain joint health.

* Boost It Up - For an extra boost in joint health, glucosamine and chondroitin supplements can also help. Studies show that glucosamine and chondroitin promote joint comfort and elasticity. Doctors recommend Nature Made TripleFlex which combines the power of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM to help maintain joint cartilage, cushion joints and allow you to lead your days discomfort-free.

* Keep It Down - A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that people who lost just 11 pounds cut their risk of osteoarthritis in half. Combine portion-controlled meals and plenty of exercise most days of the week to help keep weight in check. Don't forget that walking through the mall and cleaning the house both count as exercise!

* Take It Further - The Arthritis Foundation's Arthritis Walk events are held in communities across the nation to raise public awareness and funds to help people living with arthritis lead active, mobile lives. Nationally sponsored by Nature Made TripleFlex, walkers can sign-up as a team and come out to support a family member or friend.

Be sure to talk to your doctor before starting a new health regimen. To follow Kristin on her road to Beijing, visit www.kristinarmstrongUSA.com. To find an Arthritis Walk in your area, go to Arthritis.org.

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