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10 Simple Tips To Keep The Flame Alive In Your Marriage


by Angela Tay

This is for all husbands and wives!

1) Spend some time to have quality conversations with each other everyday.

2) Every week, take some time off to go out on a date just like your courting days. You can go for a movie, take a walk at the beach or dine at your favorite food haunts.

3) Surprise each other with love SMS messages at any time of the work day. Keep it short and sweet. It shows that your other half is in your thoughts even when you are apart.

4) If your other half has a tough day at work, lend him a listening ear if he wishes to talk about it. Give him a soothing massage if he is physically tired.

5) Give him some time of his own to do what he enjoys, like reading a book or playing his video games. On the other hand, you get to enjoy your own private time as well.

6) Find an activity or sport that both of you enjoy doing on a regular basis. No more excuses about no time for each other!

7) Every morning before leaving for work, give each other a goodbye kiss. Every night before sleeping, give each other a goodnight kiss.

8) Take turns to do the housework. Your other half will really appreciate an extra pair of hands!

9) Surprise each other with little gifts once in a while. It doesn't only have to be on special occasions like birthdays, but anytime you feel like it!

10) Hold each other's hands when you are out just like dating days. Many couples conveniently forget to do that after having kids.

Wishing you a blissful married life!

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Angela is an active love coach in her community and a content writer for a wedding blog.
Learn how to re-ignite the romance between you and your partner with the tips and advice she shares at http://myfortunekitty.com/freeromancetips!

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