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Are You a Yummy Mummy?

Saw this article on a blog in the San Antonio Express-News and thought it might have something to say to all of us moms, not just those trying to be the youngest, the hippest of moms. Let's face it, some of us weren't all that ab fab before we had kids!

21st-century women embrace their sexiness to be a Yummy Mummy
by Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje

Yvonne Wheeler breezes into a Starbucks and all heads turn.

She is the very picture of chic in her maroon mini-skirt, clinging sweater and big black belt cinched at her tiny waist. She wears high-heeled boots, dangly silver earrings and spiky black mascara on her impossibly long eyelashes. Her thick main of hair has blond highlights, her lips are frosted, her nails red.

You'd never guess that Wheeler, 41, is the mother of 5-year-old Madison.

"Just because you become a mom doesn't mean you have to become motherly," murmurs the divorced, size-2 marketing expert, sipping a gingerbread latte. "It's important for me to still feel sexy, to feel good, to know that I'm still a woman."

Wheeler is a yummy mummy. If you don't know that term, you might be familiar with the four-letter acronym that means essentially the same thing. Too obscene to print in a family newspaper, it roughly translates as a "Mother -I'd -Like -To -Hook -Up -With." The term was popularized in the 1999 raunch-fest "American Pie," which celebrated the sexual allure of mothers who've still got it going on.

The yummy mummy is a relatively recent phenomenon. It wasn't all that long ago that baby boomer mothers embraced the soccer mom icon, with her elastic waistband jeans and big, bulky sweaters. That stereotype was lampooned on ""Saturday Night Live," " which did a spoof on "mom jeans." ("Because I'm not a woman, I'm a mother.")

Read the rest of the article here.

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