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The Laws Of Partnership

By Liz Uible

My partner, Christine Harvey, and I have several "rules" in our partnership that dictate how we interact and what we expect of each other. These guidelines we do business by allow us to make decisions on our own that we know are in line with our partner. They also allow us to grow exponentially with little or no friction in our relationship and clear long-term expectations.

1. The Law of Disagreement: Christine and I learned early on that the moment we disagreed on something, we had the opportunity to get to an even better solution. We would talk through our two different approaches and found that we always came to a much better solution. Disagreement is now fun (or pretty close). When we come to something we have opposing views on, now we get excited! And we always come up with a better solution than either of us had thought of before. Disagreement takes us to a higher level.

2. The Law of Gratitude and Respect: No one likes having their hard work ignored. I am no different it would be easy for me to take for granted my partner's work because I am working hard, too. Instead, she and I take the time and care to appreciate the work of the other. A simple "thank you, I notice you did this and it looks great," makes all the difference in motivating each other to do even more. Gratitude and appreciation make a huge difference in keeping us both feeling fulfilled in our daily work, too.

3. The Niggly Feeling Rule: Sometimes people get a feeling they just can't describe. One that they can't yet defend or explain. Most people ignore those feelings in a partnership situation because the feeling is indefensible. We have found that those feelings are really important to pay attention to. So we encourage the use of the "niggly feeling rule." If one of us gets the feeling that we need to not do something, or do it a different way, we take that very seriously. And we affirm that feeling so that we have the use of our intuition, even when we can't explain it.

Those three "Laws of Partnership" that we run our business on is creating fast growth and ease and fun in our partnership.

In addition to her leadership in WomenforWealth.com, Zeroforeclosure.com, and a real estate consortium, Liz invests in commercial and residential property and resides near Washington DC with her supportive and entrepreneurial husband, Cyrus.

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