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Project Closet Overhaul


By Audrey Thomas A.k.a. Organized Audrey

As spring arrives you're probably more than happy to ditch the dark sweaters in your closet for brightly colored blouses and Capri's. Here are eight closet maintenance tips to help guide you as you make the switch.

1. Completely empty your closet. That's right. Completely empty this black hole that has been holding your items hostage long enough. You'll be amazed at the things you find that you had no idea you still had.

2. Repaint the inside of your closet with a bright color. If you don't have a light in your closet, consider adding a battery-powered one that you can purchase rather inexpensively at a hardware or discount store.

3. Standardize. Decide what kind of hangers you prefer and splurge by streamlining your closet with a uniform look of matching hangers.

4. Before putting anything back in your nice, newly painted closet, you've got some decisions to make. If you come across items that you didn't wear this past season, get rid of them. If you find something with a broken zipper, don't put it back in your closet. Decide whether to pitch it or to take it to your local tailor. Got some shoes that kill your feet so much you can't wear them? When sorting and purging your clothing, sort into the following categories:

  • Donations - local charities, friends or family members
  • Tailor - broken zippers, missing buttons, broken heels
  • Garbage
  • Keep

5. Avoid hanging on to things by using the excuse "but I'm going to fit into that someday" because by the time that day comes, the item will no longer be in style.

6. Organize by type of clothing. Separate your work from play clothes and then within each of those categories, hang your clothing by type. i.e. blouses, pants, t-shirts, slacks, jeans.

7. Use the Two in-One Out rule. Whenever you go shopping and you bring home any clothing, shoes or accessories, donate two items from your closet for every one new item you purchase.

8. Reward yourself! Have something fun in mind when you start this project that will act as a motivator to complete your closet overhaul. Maybe lunch with a friend, a date with your sweetie or a vase of fresh flowers.

By taking the initial step of completely overhauling your closet and cleaning it out, you'll be more apt to manage and maintain it in the long run. Just imagine how wonderful it will be to open your closet and be greeted by the fact that your precious closet space holds only those items you really need and use.

Audrey Thomas, a.k.a. Organized Audrey, is a speaker and author of 50 Ways to Leave Your Clutter and several other organizing books and CD's. Her company works with people who want to be better organized and audiences who need a motivating and experienced speaker. OrganizedAudrey.com

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