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Hello you wonderful mamas-to-be. Welcome to PregTASTIC! A website and weekly podcast series by and for pregnant women. It's casual, informative and fun! Our weekly guests include, Lactation Specialists, Doulas, Pre and Postnatal Fitness Experts, Pediatricians, Massage Therapists, Family Financial Counselors and more. Hosted by real pregnant women with the same joys, concerns and swollen feet as our listeners!

PregTASTIC Picnic and Chit Chat
Hosts: Patti, Steph, and Leyna

How much is too much? When should you stop talking about your pregnancy? Belly Button woes, Steph 's shower, vivid dreams, storing sleep, storing sex, clothing ideas and more. Plus, your chance to win I'm Pregnant Now What Do I Eat?
Listen here

Amy's Birthing Story
Hosts: Patti, Jill, Steph, and Leyna

Birth at 42 weeks... Amy, former podcaster, shares her birthing story. Did she use HypnoBirthing and how long did she labor at home? Her doula's role, a teary husband, breastfeeding ups and downs and a HUGE surprise! Plus, no joking around at 2am.
Listen here

PregTASTIC, Episode #68 - Cesareans, VBAC, Inductions
Hosts: Patti, Maritza, Lisa, Amy and Angela
Guests: Jerri Ryan a licensed midwife, Doula, Lactation Educator and founder of Birth Resource Network

1 in 3 pregnant women will have a cesarean. What is VBAC? Double sewing? Low transverse incision? What is the recovery time? What tests can be done to determine weather or not you should have a VBAC delivery? Who is a good candidate for a VBAC? Plus, podcaster Angela at 41 weeks, has some questions about inductions. Jerri Ryan answers these questions and talks about the importance of a "love break".
betterspeaker.jpgListen now.

Episode #43 - Genetic Counseling
Guests: Jason Chibuk, Lead Genetic Counselor, UCSD Medical Center

Genetic counseling is a service to help individuals and families translate scientific knowledge into practical information. What is genetic testing? Who should see a genetic counselor? What are the most common abnormalities found in genetic testing? Jason Chibuk, lead Genetic Counselor at UCSD Medical Center, is here to talk about how a session with a genetic counselor can help you understand possible risks that run in your family.

betterspeaker.jpgListen now.

Episode #41 - Trying-Trimester
Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters, this week PregTASTIC Preggie Group will talk about the Trying-Trimester; was your pregnancy a surprise? Did it happen as planned? Did you try, what felt like, forever? + Pregnancy books, best websites and some prenatal vitamin ideas.
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Episode #36 - Babymobile + New vs. Used Gear
Juniper's two-seater is keeping her up at night. Janette is getting some advice from her students. Anna's back is in pain due to her overbooking problem and Faith needs a re-test.

No guests this week just fun chit chat, info and smart ideas about baby gear. What to buy new and what can be handed down from friends or bought on Craig's list. Plus our weekly 2ups and 2downs, and this week's pregnancy quote.
betterspeaker.jpgListen here

Episode #29 - Keeping Family Harmony
Tara is a little lonely without her hubby around and Faith needs some breath mints in bed. Michelene's x-mas shopping won't get in the way and Juniper's no news is good news.

Hosts: Faith, Michelene, Juniper, and Tara
Guests: Greg LaDue, M.S., MFT
As your family grows the dynamics change. A baby on the way, siblings, parents, in-laws, everyone giving advice about how to have your baby and how to be the best parent. Mr. Greg LaDue, a licensed marriage and family therapist, talks about finding identities, setting boundaries, finding balance and engaging with one another. Plus, some tips for keeping your relationship with your partner healthy and new sources for self esteem.

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