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Five Fashion Tips for a Sleeker You


by Diane Palmer

Work with your body for the best fitting clothes..

Here are 5 great tips to get you looking for the right clothes. Remember find styles that suit your body type, don't squeeze into clothes for the sake of the latest styles. Gravity will take over, and anything you are trying to squeeze into an outfit, will find another place to bulge out.

1. Shop by Shape and keep it simple. Forget fussy, go for sleek simple shapes, they are slimming and will make you feel and look great. You know that feeling when you put on a dress or top or pants, and they just fit right in all the right spots, you feel good.

2. Try long flowing styles such as longer jackets, don't drown in fabric, remember too big a shape clothing can be just as unflattering on you as too tight clothing. Remember to work WITH your body, or it will be like trying to fit a round peg in a square hole, just not going to happen.

3. Go for fluid fabrics that drape smoothly without clinging too closely. We all know that they tend to cling in all the wrong spots! Soft cottons, matte jerseys, fine knits, are all good fabrics that drape.

4. Try a one color look, from collar to hem, to lengthen and slim your figure. for an even slimmer look, try wearing tights or hosiery in the same color.

5. Stay away from tops and bottoms that are the same length, you will end up looking boxy. Try a tunic length top or jacket over a knee length skirt. or short over long works well too, such as a twin set over a longer skirt or nice fitting jeans, just make sure the top and bottoms are not the same length.

Don't forget to accessorize, with pretty scarves, or elegant earrings, just stay away from bold accessories that speak louder than your outfit.

No matter what size or shape you are, once you find that perfect outfit, that fits well, you will feel good about yourself. Don't punish yourself for being a different shape or size, just work with what you have, and stay away from the trends that will just cause frustration.

Shopping online, can be a great way to get ideas for clothes. When shopping locally, you are restricted to the styles, sizes and shapes. The internet has given us a much larger and wider market for finding stylish and nice fitting clothes in all sizes, shapes and colors. There are some great website out there that cater to all shapes and sizes... check them out, go surfing, and have some fun!

Diane Palmer may be contacted at http://www.make-crafts-for-cash.com or diane.palmer@sympatico.ca

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