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Dishing Up Nutrition


Good health begins with nutrition, and the best nutrition for moms, kids and families comes from real food. Nutritional Weight & Wellness has helped thousands of people enjoy better health by making the connection between what they eat and how they feel through classes personal consultations.

Nutritional Weight & Wellness, based in St. Paul, Minnesota, was co-founded by Licensed Nutritionist Darlene Kvist to educate and counsel people to better health. Listen to Dar and her staff on their popular Dishing Up Nutrition radio show Saturday afternoons on FM107 and AM950 or on the MomTalk podcasts anytime.

(Dar and Wendy)
Osteoporosis is now an epidemic. What are you doing to protect your bones? People at risk include soda drinkers, smokers, and extreme or chronic dieters. Learn now nutrition builds strong bones at any age.

Fertility and Diet (Christina, Nichole and Jeanette Truchsess)
Harvard researchers found groundbreaking information when they studied diet, exercise, weight control and fertility. Not surprisingly, if you are looking to conceive, trans fats are out and high fat dairy products are in. The study also found that vegetable carbohydrates supported fertility while processed carbohydrates decreased chances of conception. Nutrition doesn't guarantee fertility, but it is available to everyone and has no side effects. Learn how nutrition and lifestyle set the stage for healthy pregnancy, motherhood and beyond.

Therapeutic Nutrition (Dar, Deb Reeve)

You've been following your diabetes diet, and it isn't working. You've been following your cholesterol diet, and it isn't working. You've been following your arthritis diet, and it isn't working. You've been following your heartburn diet; it isn't working. Do you need a better answer? Therapeutic nutrition is personalized for your health concerns; that's why it succeeds. Tune it to Dishing Up Nutrition to learn why therapeutic nutrition may be your answer

Childhood Obesity
Newsweek's cover story for the July 2000 issue asked the question: "Fat for Life?" and estimated that six million kids in this country were seriously overweight. That number continues to grow, and according to the National Institutes of Health, currently one child in five is overweight. We may be getting a little help from the large food companies that are reducing high sugar foods. But seriously, as parents it's time to get nutrition education that will save your kids from a lifetime of health problems.

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Just because you're getting older doesn't mean that you are doomed to have arthritis. Learn what you can do today to protect your joints from inflammation.

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