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Balancing Your Plate of Life


By Audrey Thomas A.k.a. Organized Audrey

We're all familiar with the phrase "too many things on my plate" in which we describe the busyness of our lives. Balancing the things in life - those things that fill my "plate of life" - is a daily challenge. I've decided that one never truly achieves perfect life balance because every day is a new day in which new opportunities, obligations and challenges present themselves.

My girlfriend Kimberly recently flew into town for a little R&R. She also attended Mom Camp with me where I was a presenter and exhibitor. It was fun for us to connect with the moms at Mom Camp. They are just like us - women who appreciate a little pampering and who have the need to recharge and rejuvenate.

Over dinner that weekend, Kimberly asked me a tough question. "What restores your soul?" Kimberly is one of those girlfriends who has the ability to love me unconditionally while at the same time challenge me in areas that need a little work. I came up with several answers, but not until I had pondered it throughout my weekend.

Although I'm continuing to add to my list, here are a few things that restore my soul:

1. Candles
2. Being alone in my home in total quietness
3. Reading my Bible
4. A good cry
5. Sitting next to open water
6. Taking a walk outdoors
7. Peppermint tea at bedtime
8. Almond scented moisturizer
9. Candy Fiction - easy reading, nothing heavy, no brain cells needed!
10. An empty date on my calendar - rare, but wonderful
11. Praying
12. Spending a weekend with a girlfriend
13. Looking at my kids' baby pictures
14. A massage
15. Meeting a friend for lunch
16. Exercise
17. A new set of kitchen towels and washcloths
18. Watching the sun set
19. Worship music
20. Fishing
21. Fresh flowers
22. Observing the fall colors change
23. Hot chocolate with a shot of raspberry, topped with whipped cream

As you read over my list, some of you may have chuckled at a few of my items. Like my mention of fishing. It's true. When I'm sitting on a lake with a pole in my hands I'm able to completely disengage from my busy life and focus on what's going to nibble on the other end of my line.

Did you notice that most of my "soul restorers" don't cost anything? Unless you count the time that must be invested in order to take advantage of them.

So what are your Soul Restorers? Over the next few days, I challenge you to begin jotting down the things that restore your soul. Keep your list handy and try to do something off of it every day. For those of you with little ones at home, you may feel this is next to impossible. But try anyway. You will be a better mom as a result of taking care of yourself. And balancing your Plate of Life will become more manageable.

Audrey Thomas, a.k.a. Organized Audrey, is the author of 50 Ways to Leave Your Clutter and several other organizing books and CD's. Her company works with people who want to be better organized and audiences who need a motivating and experienced speaker. Learn more at OrganizedAudrey.com.

Photo Courtesy of Fred Carvalho

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