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Minnesota's Singing Sisters -"SISTER!": Notable Minnesota Moms


The three sisters of "Sister" grew up on a small farm in southern Minnesota town near Hanska --and they grew up singing. They didn't even know that not singing was an option. Their mother Randvig (Run-vig--it's Icelandic), being of a musical persuasion herself, recognized her daughters' natural abilities. She began to cultivate their talents by teaching them a large, albeit simple, repertoire that lead to performances not only for family members, but they also began performing at church and community events. With both their parents supporting them, the sisters soon became musical mascots for their little community.

When the sisters got older, they decided to take the ball and run with it. They sang as a trio all through those stormy high school and college years. They even sang through their weddings, various moves to different communities, and right on into those amazing child bearing and rearing years. They never took a break from singing. They worked out lots of 'stuff' along the way and amazingly, they kept singing. The sisters have gotten a little more sophisticated since their days on the farm -- now they sing their own music, but sometimes for fun they still break into the songs that take them back to the little farm where they grew up. The sisters have several CD's, a book, and they do a fun family show over the Christmas Holidays.

Kjersten is Sister’'s 'manager.' She links the group to the world and keeps the sisters in the right place at the right time. She also manages her household which includes three kids Matt, Josh, and Sarah and her husband Mark.

Kara is Sister's writer and resident poet. She interprets life 'Sister Style' keeping the group aligned with their foundational message of freedom and empowerment through the creative word and music. She also keeps her household in alignment and, along with her husband Jon, is raising two little poets, John and Anna.

Alisa is Sister’s arranger and musical interpreter. With her gift for hearing things (in a good way), she keeps the group producing the sound that sets them a part in a world of trios. She then communicates that sound to a pool of talented musicians that have become a part of the Sister circle. She also arranges her household which consists of husband Tom and three little ones, Isaac, Caleb, and Rachel.

Go to the website for more on the singing sisters.

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