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5 Ways to Give Your Feet First Class Treatment

Does a long day in heels leave your feet begging for mercy? Are your toes suffering from long days without a break? We often take time to get a manicure or moisturize our face, but for some reason we neglect one of the most used parts of our body. If your feet are long over due for some TLC, treat them to one of these great feet friendly pampering ideas.

  • Treat Your Toes to a Bubble Bath: If your feet are tired and sore how about treating them to bubble bath. While soaking in the tub is time consuming and not something we can do on a daily basis, soaking your feet can be done while sitting in front of your PC at home or while watching your favorite sit-com. Simply fill a bucket or basin with warm to hot water depending on your preference and mix in some of your favorite moisturizing bubble bath. Your feet are sure to thank you for this soapy soak.

    • Moisturize with Your Socks On: Moisturize with your socks on? Not only is it possible but it works! When you feet are in desperate need of immediate maintenance slather on moisturizer and slip on your socks. By applying lotion generously to your feet and then covering them with cotton socks, you're giving your feet a chance to really reap the benefits of the lotion. The socks serve as an insulator maximizing lotion benefits and resulting in healthy moisturized feet.
    • Please Your Feet with a Pedicure: Whether you do it yourself of get on professionally, a pedicure is a great way to keep your feet healthy and happy. In order to keep your feel healthy it's important to get rid of dead and dry skin, trim your toenails, as clean under and around your nails to get rid of bacteria or fungus. If your giving your self a pedicure, be sure to spend some time massaging and rubbing sensitive areas to really relieve the stress of daily life. Pedicures are also a great way to improve the way your feet look so be sure to get one if you're planning on wearing sandals or going barefoot any time soon.
    • Give Sore Feet Aromatherapy: The essential oils that are often used for aromatherapy products offer a healthy way to decrease stress levels. What can be better than taking advantage of aromatherapy than to give it give to the body part blamed most for smelling less than fresh! Use some lavender oil to massage your feet or take advantage or products like aromatherapy socks. Treat your feet this way and your feet really can smell like roses.
    • Keep Your Feet Covered: While this isn't always possible, especially in the summer, keeping your feet covered is a great way to keep them clean and soft. Walking around barefoot all day can leave your feet dirty and dried out; but wearing a pair of socks or slippers offer your feet protection. Invest in a comfortable pair of slippers you can wear around the house. Not a fan of the fluffy slippers fashionable in the cooler months? Look for slippers reminiscent of the ever-popular ballerina flat. Slippers like these are a comfortable, fashionable, and practical solution to soar, tired, or dry feet.

    Find great treats for tired feet at Hue. Hue specializes in ladies legwear including socks, tights, and leggings at Hue.

    www.hue.com may be contacted at jennifer.wasilewski.pj@gmail.com.

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