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Head to Toe Winter Skin Care


Whether you love it or hate it, winter can be a horrible season for skin health. The cold temperatures, wind, and snow can leave your skin feeling dry, itchy, and uncomfortable. Don't spend the next few months nursing your skin, instead be proactive and treat the problems before they start. Here are some great tips to make sure your skin stays healthy and smooth all season long.

  • Stay Protected: It seems that this can't be stressed enough. Just because your bathing suits and tanning oils are packed away until next summer doesn't mean you can forget about sun block. The sun's rays are just as destructive in the winter as they are in the summer so it's important to make sure you wear spf 15 sunscreen when you're going t o be outside for more than a few minutes. If you're into outdoor sports like skiing or snowboarding you will want to take special care in protecting your skin.
  • Choose Winter Wear Wisely: If you have sensitive skin and are prone to dry itchy and sometimes painful skin during the winter months, consider swapping out your wool scarves and hats for cotton ones. During the cooler months you're often going from the warm and cozy indoors to the frosty outdoors and back again. This causes you to sweat. Wool, which is already itchy, can become quite uncomfortable if you're sweating, and will ultimately add to your winter skin woes.
  • Moisturize: Moisturizing your skin during the winter months is extremely important to maintaining healthy, soft skin. Choose moisturizers that are rich in vitamin A, B, and E or that have skin soothing additives like aloe. Get the most out of your moisturizing routine by applying lotion after bathing. Steer clear of fragrant lotions that may irritate sensitive skin.
  • Shower with Care: After a long day of work or school you may be tempted to hop into a steaming hot shower and wash away the day. Unfortunately, the comfort is short lived. Long hot showers can leave your skin dry and cause irritation and itching. Try to keep super hot showers to a minimum and stick with warm water. Make sure you use extra moisturizing soaps or body washes to get the most out of your shower.
  • Stop Chapped Lips: Lips are often the first part of your body to suffer from the colder weather. The cold air dries out your lips and out of habit the majority solves this problem by licking our lips for instant relief. Unfortunately licking your lips depletes it of vital nutrients and it only continues the chapped lip cycle. Carry a moisturizing lip gloss or balm with you all the time and resist the temptation to lick them. Look for lip glosses and balms that have aloe, are vitamin rich, or are made of beeswax.
  • Protect Your Hands: The colder weather, especially snow and freezing rain takes its toll on your hands. Your hands typically will lose heat at a much faster rate than the center of your body. Make it a habit to wear gloves when you're going out to brave the weather. It's also helpful if you wear rubber gloves during when cleaning or doing dishes.

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