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Bottle Bats


by Amanda Formaro

This cute Halloween bat is the perfect project for your kids. Easy to make, recycles and best of all, it's fun! Gather the kids around and make several of these quicky bats.

A very special thank you goes out to 9 year old Madison for sharing her bottle bat idea with us!

You will need

  • empty 2 liter plastic bottle
  • black acrylic craft paint
  • 2 medium wiggle eyes
  • scraps of white and red felt
  • 1/2 sheet black craft foam
  • 3 large purple buttons
  • small scrap of white craft foam
  • paint brush
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • patterns

What you do

Wash and dry bottle completely. Paint entire surface and bottle cap with black paint and let dry.

Use patterns to cut out 2 wings and 2 ears from the black craft foam. Cut collar from white felt, neck tie from red felt, bow tie from red felt, and 2 fangs from white craft foam.

When paint is dry, glue the white collar around the bottle neck, then glue the red neck tie on top of the white collar, centering it. Glue the bow tie to the center of the red neck tie.

Glue the ears to the back of the bottle top so that they are sticking up and visible.

Glue the wiggle eyes to the front of the bottle top and the fangs right below it.

Glue 3 buttons to the front of the bottle. Glue wings to the sides.

Amanda Formaro is the entrepreneurial mother of four and the Chief Editor at FamilyCorner.com Magazine

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