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What if I Need a C-Section?

By Dawn Goldstein, MD
Private Practice, Morristown, NJ

Every pregnant woman is concerned about the delivery of her baby. I am often asked the question "What if I need a c-section?" to which my typical response is: "Then you will have one!" This question is one that often remains until the end of the pregnancy. If you are pregnant, it is important to know that a c-section is always a possibility, and that if you need to have one, IT WILL BE OK!

What Determines Whether Or Not I Need A C-Section?
"C-section" is short for cesarean section, an operation performed to deliver the baby through a surgical incision in the abdomen instead of a vaginal or "natural" delivery. There are several indications that suggest a c-section may need to be performed. These include:

1. Malpresentation of the fetus: A situation where the fetus is not in the normal "head down" position is called a malpresentation, or more specifically a vertex or cephalic presentation, and a c-section is usually necessary. This is not always the case, however; certain abnormal presentations, such as the "frank breech" in which the baby's rear end comes first and the legs are completely extended, can potentially deliver vaginally. Your doctor may assess the size of your pelvis using a physical exam or an x-ray to help determine whether or not this will be possible in your case.
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