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Pregnancy and Valentine's Day


By Jane Ivanov, Designer
Eve Alexander Maternity and Nursing Apparel

Valentine's Day is considered to be the most traditionally romantic day of the year. That, however, brings a lot of stress, where everyone worries what to give your special someone, how to celebrate and what to wear, especially in the bedroom. All of our everyday insecurities rise to the surface and the true meaning of the occasion is often lost.

When you are pregnant, your body image may suffer even more, as the scale is inevitably tipping in the wrong direction and your body is effectively not your own. Not to worry though, pregnancy and new motherhood are the most beautiful times in any woman's life if you only open your mind to it! Valentine's Day should be about celebration of your love and attraction for each other, so here are my tips on how to make your pregnant day unforgettable:

1. CURVES When in your life can you stop holding your stomach in when looking at yourself in the mirror? Wear something sexy and enjoy the beautiful curves that you and your partner can now enjoy. Many women experience breast enlargement during pregnancy and nursing, so embrace the new voluptuousness!

2. CLOTHING Opt for stretch that is complimentary to your figure and that drapes your body well. Many fashions today in modal, cotton or rayon blends are soft as butter and incredibly flattering for any figure. Wrap tops, empire waste dresses, and tight tube dresses are just some of the styles that may work for you for the special outing.

3. UNDERTHINGS Valentine's Day is synonymous with sexy lingerie. Many people are uninhibited in the underwear department once a year, but why not have today be the first day of Sexy Everyday? Surprise him with a lacy babydoll in the evening, but better yet, show him some pretty satin bra or leopard print panties in the morning as you get dressed. He is guaranteed to love the idea!

4. SHOES Flat shoes are in, and there are many types of ballet flats or boots that would look very stylish with today's maternity fashions. Be sure to find styles that provide enough traction to avoid slipping. High hills may be okay for short periods of time, depending on the stage of your pregnancy and your comfort. Your feet may swell, so try to stay away from styles that are too tight, as they may be uncomfortable as the night wears on.

5. ACCESSORIES Scarves, headbands, bags, jewelry - are all fantastic way to make your basic maternity wear into special Valentine's Day outfit. Pick up a lipstick red scarf, soft pink earrings or magenta purse and your black dress is suddenly appropriate for the Sweetheart Ball.

6. FOOD Think of all the decadent foods that you must avoid to keep your figure. When you are pregnant, allow yourself the rare luxury of enjoying a feast. Be careful to watch for pregnancy no-no's like certain fish (consult your healthcare provider). Make enjoyment out of sampling chocolates or cheese with your partner, there are many different types to try.

7. GOING OUT Your best accessory in going out during pregnancy is your smile! Your skin is radiant, your hair thick and shiny and you are truly happy. Forget about all the worries that occupy you day-to-day and let the day be filled with love and happiness. Your baby, your partner and you will feel even more bonded in your new family as you celebrate!

8. STAYING IN You may not feel like going to a restaurant on Valentine's Day; your feet ache, your back is killing you, all you want to do is come home and relax. Don't let that be the reason to ignore the holiday. Stop by a drive-through of your favorite restaurant (many places will let you pick up curb-side, so you are not limited to fast-food). Set the table with candles, play your favorite relaxing music, get a romantic movie or watch your wedding video - whatever you choose to do, home can be just as romantic as going out.

9. YOUR PARTNER Some people love surprises, some don't. You would know your partner better than anyone, so let that be your guide. Everyone loves little kind things like an unexpected love note or a naughty inside joke e-mail. Those are the things that make us feel special, and now when you are pregnant, what a great way to make your partner know that though you are going through changes, your feelings for him are just as strong as ever.

10. NEW BEGINNINGS If you are expecting your first baby, this is your last Valentine's Day as just a couple. But think about it as not with a feeling of loss, but a celebration of your love that is now bearing fruit! Your love is powerful enough to create a person! Enjoy your time together, embrace the holiday not for the artificial commercialized fluff, but because it is a chance to take a day and focus on your partner. Soon the baby will be here and there will be even more love to celebrate!

Jane Ivanov is the owner and designer for Eve Alexander Maternity and Nursing Apperal. The company was started to meet today's moms needs for sexy yet functional lingerie during pregnancy and nursing. Now expanding into loungewear, Eve Alexander sells their collection at evealexander.com, as well as Target.com and Babycenter.com. See the collection of best-selling maternity and nursing lingerie at EveAlexander.com.

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