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Painting Kids' Rooms

Tips from Hirshfield's Color Experts

A child's room can be one of the most fun rooms to paint; you have a bit more creative license and can experiment with colors and themes. But with the fun comes questions about appropriate color choices, paint durability, and how to best create a room that will grow with your child.

"Color pulls everything in the room together," says Hirshfield's color expert, Mark Masica. "The first step is to determine the feeling you'd like to convey in the room. If the child is old enough, it's great to have his or her input in the decision making process." Masica explains that parents are now much more willing to let their children have a voice in how their rooms will look. "When parents allow children to have ownership of their room color, it has a tremendous psychological impact," Masica says. "Their room becomes their room."

If the child isn't old enough, what's the best way to decide on a color? The color of a child's room often is best determined by the temperament of the child and the atmosphere parents want to create based on their child's personality. Each color conveys different feelings for different people.

While babies and young children haven't been influenced by cultural associations of colors, research has shown that newborns see only black, white, gray, and then red. But that doesn't mean that nurseries should be painted those colors. Masica suggests soft colors, such as light to deep pastels, but notes that his customers aren't limited to traditional baby themes. "While we do recommend that colors not be overwhelming," Masica explains, "we see a lot of creativity when it comes to nurseries and there are so many choices even in the light- to mid-tones that are perfect for a young child's room."

When thinking about colors, consider whether your child would prefer warm or cool tones. Warm colors convey warmth and intimacy, and can stimulate and energize the viewer. Masica sometimes recommends pairing a warm color, such as red with more neutral tones for balance. Light, cool colors, such as blues, greens, and light violets can have a calming effect and because cool colors draw away from the viewer, these shades can create a more spacious feel to the room.

Kid-tested paint: durable, washable, and even bacteria fighting
Durable and washable are requirements when painting a kid's room. (To this day, a freshly painted wall is a child's best canvas.) "Aside from budding artists painting on the walls, fingerprints and scuffs from furniture are inevitable," explains Masica. "Look for paints that have an eggshell finish, which are easier to wipe off." Matte finishes work well in areas where there may be flaws that need to be hidden.

What mom wouldn't want paint that can actually fight bacteria, mold and mildew? Microban® antimicrobial protection is built in to Hirshfield's paints. It keeps painted surfaces cleaner, fresher and more beautiful.

Don't forget the fun
Capturing your child's unique personality can be the best part in designing his or her room. Just about any theme, activity or hobby can be conveyed through a mural. According to Masica, "Murals add a personalized touch that kids love. But you don't need to paint a full mural. Simply adding splashes of color with stripes, whimsical flowers or simple sketches can transform a room."

New paint products allow parents to be even more creative. "Kids rooms are a great place to experiment with new finishes and textures," Masica adds. "Suede or chiffon finishes from Devine Colors™ add an element of sophistication for a little older kids."

Hirshfield's brand paints are backed by a tradition of quality and excellence, which has endured since Frank and Elizabeth Hirshfield opened their first store in 1894. Hirshfield's is a Minnesota-based, fourth generation, family owned company celebrating it's 113th year in business. Hirshfield's operates full-service decorating centers in Minnesota and Wisconsin offering an unrivaled selection of paints, wallcoverings, fabrics and window fashions.

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