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Test Your Nutrition Intuition


Many people eat a healthy diet. They know the nutritional value of foods, they read food labels carefully and they follow dietary recommendations to the tee. Others are clueless. Which one are you? Test your nutrition knowledge by taking this short quiz.

Which contains more fat, margarine or butter?
Margarine and butter actually both have equal amounts of fat, so it's not as if one has less than the other. They could also be the same amount of calories. However, butter is more of a saturated fat than margarine is. If you're choosing margarines, be sure that you choose margarines that do not have trans fatty acids in them, because they act as saturated fats do, and they are not recommended for the prevention of heart disease.

Which vegetables contain the most vitamins: fresh, canned or frozen?

Many people are under the misconception that canned or frozen vegetables have less vitamins and minerals than fresh and that sometimes is actually not true. Because, sometimes, when fresh vegetables are picked, let's say, in California and they're put on a truck and they have to travel across the country in the heat, in the cold, coming to New York, for example. Well, those vegetables could lose a lot of vitamins and minerals in transit. Whereas if they were picked in California and flash-frozen and then sent here on a frozen-food truck, then that vegetable could actually have more vitamins and minerals in it than fresh.
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