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Helpful Tips for a Confident New You from Queen Latifah

queenlatifah.jpg Undoubtedly, being confident affects every aspect of a person's life. While women have made many strides in nearly every profession, sport and industry in recent decades, even the most accomplished women can lack self-confidence in certain areas. According to a national YWCA online survey, women cite not feeling attractive or good about their appearance as their top confidence shaker (62 percent), followed by not excelling in their career/not doing a good job (46 percent) and not feeling accepted/feeling like an outcast (40 percent).  

To address this issue, the YWCA USA and Curvation recently launched the Project Confidence Outreach Program, a multi-faceted women's confidence-building program designed to give women the tools and information they need to build their confidence, achieve their dreams and enrich their communities. The program, which was unveiled on National Women's Confidence Day, includes online confidence tips, as well as a free, nine-month confidence curriculum to be piloted in select cities nationwide.  

"While there are a few existing programs that address confidence-building for young girls, there seemed to be a lack of such programs for women. I am extremely proud to be taking on this challenge along with the YWCA and Curvation," says Queen Latifah, the Curvation brand spokesperson and creative advisor. Whether it means dressing for success, taking control of your finances or stepping up to the challenge of community change, our goal is to educate, inspire and hopefully influence the lives of countless women."

To get a jump start on ways to build your confidence in a variety of areas, ranging from style and health to career, personal finance and diversity, here are a few helpful tips and resources:

* Confidence Style: Dress for Success -- When we feel confident about our outward appearance, we're able to focus more on the task at hand -- whether it's landing a new job or speaking at a community meeting. Dressing the part can help win attention and gain respect from a peer or potential employee, so it is important to look pulled together. If it's not in your budget to buy something new, seek help from services in your community. In addition, don't forget that looking good starts from the inside, and we're not just talking about your personality. A solid foundation will make your clothing fit better and can help with posture and back health. Yet, almost 80 percent of women wear the wrong bra size! Take advantage of free services of fit experts to make sure you're wearing the right size. For more information on how to determine your correct bra size, log onto www.curvation.com/fitting_room.php.

* Career Confidence: Be Your Own Advocate -- Asking for a salary increase or negotiating a salary offer for a new job can be intimidating. Being prepared will help -- know what the market salary is for the job and identify your desired range, including the minimum you need to comfortably pay your bills and your ideal salary that will allow you to enjoy a little more freedom. For more helpful tips on how to negotiate your salary, log onto www.womenwork.org. Another good tip: try networking with other women. Strong relationships in your field can help you advance and provide you with a place to turn when you're seeking career input.  

* Financial Confidence: Seek an Expert for Help -- Nothing can shake your confidence more than financial instability. Getting control of your finances can decrease the stress in your life and make you feel more in control.  The first step is to determine what you spend your money on -- from bills to entertainment. Set a monthly budget and stick to it. There are also free or low-cost services for financial counseling available to help you get control of your debt and manage creditors, so use them! One resource to contact is the Consumer Credit Counseling Service at (800) 388-2227 or www.cccs.org. Have trouble saving? Try stashing money in a bank account that's not easy to access and pay it as an extra bill to yourself.

With a few easy steps, you'll be on the path to your most confident self in no time. For more information on the Project Confidence Outreach Program or additional confidence-building tips, log onto www.YWCA.org or www.curvation.com.  

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