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It's Good News for Fall Fashion


By Josi Wert

It's a good news/bad news kind of thing. Fall is here and for some of us that's good news: as in the kids go back to school, the antiperspirant will kick back in, and we get to dress in cute, cozy clothes that hide some of our sins. For others, however, it's bad news: as in no more iced lattes on the sidewalk of the local cafe while the sun kisses our SPF-drenched skin, those cute pedicures must go back into hiding, and the opportunities to be "dragged" to Dairy Queen by the kids will cease and desist.

Fortunately, fashion-wise, it's all pretty much good news. The best news, really, is that things haven't changed that much. Good news for that credit card! Almost everything we've been collecting over the past 12 months is still "in" and with a little tweaking, will look fresh and fab.

Let's start with denim, a staple for many moms - everything is in. The skinny-legged jean of last year is still happening, but so is that tried-and-true boot-leg. On the other end of the spectrum, and certainly the most fashion-forward, is the wide-leg or trouser jean. The rise is higher (have mercy!) in all of them and the wash is darker but anything from a cigarette silhouette to a bell bottom is cute. Just keep it simple, no flashy embellishments or crazy, rock-star holes. I'm, seeing dark-wash take first place, followed by black and grey dyed denim, and they are also showing light wash. Basically, you cannot go wrong this fall with your jean choice. PHEW!

How about those leggings from last year? Still hanging in your closet with the tickets on them? Not to worry - they're still cool, and if you haven't bought a pair yet, they are easy to find and relatively inexpensive. Just pair them with a tunic or a long sweater-jacket and some flats and you'll look like you've got it all pulled together (even though it only took one minute to actually put it on). Chunky, cable-knit sweaters with shawl collars and big buttons give a girl a sense of comfort and youth, and still maintain Mommy appeal.

At the office, the tailored, clean look is still in. The only wardrobe staple that may need to be updated is your black pants. Make sure they have a tapered leg, and are ankle length (not capri), coming down to just kiss the top of your foot. Think Audrey Hepburn. Worn with a tailored, men's-style shirt (something in pinstripes is cute) that is draped with a fitted cardigan or a long sweater-vest, the workplace all of a sudden becomes not-so-stuffy and kind of fun to get dressed for. Remember to pair these pants with a nice pair of ballet flats or slim-lined loafers - no bulky shoes allowed with this look. Can you see Audrey in a pair of wedgies or platforms? I think Not.

Many will also be happy to know that little has changed for handbags since last fall, except for their size. The bad news may be that you will no longer be able to carry your kids, their bikes, and the dog in your purse - but I think most of us will agree, those bags were getting a little ridiculous. Handbags with soft leathers, some zippers, and pockets are still in, but they are a lot cleaner looking, as in goodbye to grommets and rhinestones. Distressed leathers are popular and designers are sticking with the thicker shoulder straps and/or the short "doctor's bag" handle. Handbag hardware is mostly silver and gold, but you will also see a lot of brass, which goes with everything and looks more day-casual. Metallics still work, but if you are going to do metallic, remember to skip most other accents; let the "metal" speak for itself. Also, the new color I've seen for handbags is plum (or brandywine), which goes well with black or brown. For purses as well as clothes, brown is still in for fall, but this season we get to add cranberry, olive, and mustard, which is great because everybody looks really good in one, if not all of those colors!

So, really, it's pretty much all good news for fall. We get to go right to our own closets and have fun with what's already in there. But, if you have that shopping itch, you can go out and buy one really nicely fitting pair of black slim pants that I mentioned above - as they will be sure to complete a clean look and be an easy answer for any work meeting, piano recital, or bake sale. Luckily, I don't think they have very many of those anymore...and that's definitely good news!

Josi Wert has sold women's clothing for over 20 years, 11 of which she owned her own store in Minneapolis. She resides in Minnetonka, MN, with her husband and twin daughters.

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