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Making Child's Play Out of Staying Fit


When you were a kid, you probably did a little hula hooping during gym class. Back then you may have thought it was all fun and games and maybe a bit silly but turns out your gym teacher was on to something.

All the twisting and turning you do to keep the hoop from falling gives you a full body workout. In fact, according to the Cooper Institute, a nonprofit research and education center, one minute of hula hooping burns as many calories as running an eight-minute mile or taking part in a high impact aerobic class.

"Add a little weight to the hoop and you can incorporate strength training into your workout as well," says Rosemary Torres, a personal trainer from LaPuente, Calif. She added a weighted hoop to the routine she does with clients about a year ago -- after doing some research online to come up with fun new ways to get her clients excited about fitness.

"Hula hooping really appealed to me. It brought me down memory lane," she says. "I loved doing it as a child, but back then didn't realize it was an activity that was good for me." So good, in fact, that when swiveled for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, which Torres says she easily does at least once of twice daily, she's getting cardiovascular benefits, helping tone muscles, burning fat and calories and facilitating weight loss.

Want to learn how to hoop for health? You can pick up a copy of the video Rosemary did for the company she purchases her hoops from -- California Sports Hoops, Inc. "When I went down to their headquarters about a year ago, I wasn't looking for a job. I just wanted to purchase a bunch of hoops, but when they saw how excited I was about their product, they asked if I'd be interested in recording a training session and I said, 'Why not!'" she says.

The video she put together features a 25-minute workout class people can do with their hoops. Here are the step-by-step instructions for getting started:

1) Find enough space around. Keep your feet one foot wide. Relax your knees, waist and body.

2) Relax your elbows. Lift the hoop and place it tightly against the back of your waist.

3) Grasp the hoop and keep it in a horizontal position before swinging out. Do not position the hoop at a tilt.

4) Horizontally swing out the hoop against your waist, fast and powerfully. Move your waist immediately.

5) Move your waist in a circular motion, all around pressing against the hoop.

6) Keep your motion fast enough to match the circulation speed of the hoop for it to stay up on your waist.

You can find Sports Hoop products at Sports Authority stores nationwide. For more information about their uses and health benefits, visit www.sports-hoop.com or call toll-free (866) 700-5668.

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