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Simple Ways for Busy Moms to Look and Feel Younger


The challenges of being a Gen X mom are more demanding than ever. Whether it's alternating between soccer practices and ballet recitals or library nights and professional careers, keeping all the balls in the air can take a toll on a mom's state of mind, as well as the state of her appearance. In response to these everyday challenges, moms are finding ways to feel better and look younger with new exercise trends, fashion, nutrition and even medical procedures.

"Consumer trends show that women in their 40s are becoming more and more focused on looking and feeling good. With a higher disposable income than ever, American women are seeking new ways to maintain a youthful lifestyle and appearance," says Finola Hughes, host of The Style Network's "How Do I Look?"

But Hughes says you don't have to win the lottery to have a more youthful appearance. She says there are simple practices anyone can do everyday -- for a lot less money. Here's her top ten list of easy and inexpensive ways to keep moms looking and feeling young:

10. Play with your children -- it will make you feel like a kid again!

9. Download new music and podcasts -- there's no better way to stay fit, while also keeping the kids active, than dancing with your children to your favorite new mix!

8. Your mother might have been stuck in bifocals but you don't have to be! Try Bausch & Lomb's PureVision Multifocal contact lenses to lose the bifocals and the years they add on.

7. Mentor a young child. Inspiring someone else will help you feel inspired, too.

6. Exercise! Disciplines like yoga and Pilates relieve stress and improve physical health with a minimal impact on bones and joints.

5. Surround yourself with youthful people -- whether in age or in lifestyle, having young friends will keep you young, too!

4. Take care of your skin -- develop a simple regimen and use it every day.

3. Enjoy yourself -- take time out of each day to do something fun.

2. Keep up with fashion and have fun with it!

1. Drink plenty of water -- restore that natural glow from the inside out.

Practicing a few of these tips can help anyone walk out the door feeling more youthful and confident. Pass the tips on to a friend or try them yourself to turn back the clock today.

For more information on multifocal lenses visit www.bausch.com or your eye doctor.

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