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How to Show You Care

By R.J. Jackson

If you're like most people today, a typical day consists of juggling more responsibilities than any one person can be expected to manage. You are pulled in so many directions that you end up having precious little time to spend with the people you cherish the most in your life -- your family and friends.

Well, believe it or not, there really are ways to find time to show you care, even on the busiest days. Here's how some real families stay in touch and make their precious ones feel special.

Love Notes
My husband and I courted the old fashioned way when we were dating -- through letters. Now, even though he'll be there to talk to when I get home from work, I find it very therapeutic to write him little love notes when I'm commuting to and from work on the subway. I add little cartoon drawings of things like the two of us cuddling on the couch, to show him I'm thinking about him while we're apart.
--Elyse Orecchio, New York, New York

Calling Counts
Every month or so, I wake up and find that my fiance has taken my car out early in the morning to have it washed. And he always puts a fresh bottle of water in the cup holder. He's wonderfully sweet. He brings me flowers, he cooks. But the thing he does that makes me know he loves me is that he calls my mother every week. I am so proud to marry someone who is so considerate. It really means a lot to my mother. At the end of the day, it's the practical things that enhance your relationship and the connectivity of your family that make it work.
--Taffy Akner, Los Angeles, California
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