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Expert Ideas for Surprising Someone this Valentine's Day


There's a reason why generation after generation has found truth in the saying, "You'll find love when you stop looking for it," or, "Love will happen when you least expect it." The idea of love sneaking up on you and letting the "forces that be" take over in the love department has worked for many couples.

The belief that spontaneity can bring good things in life has also proven true in the non-romantic sense as well. There are countless stories of people receiving a card from a friend at a time when a quick pick-me-up was very much needed and appreciated. It's the pay-it-forward idea coupled with the golden rule that often produces these pleasant and sometimes much-needed surprises in life.

This Valentine's Day, trend spotters are expecting the unexpected to play a big part in how people celebrate on February 14th. Now that the holiday encompasses all kinds of love, not just romantic love, the element of surprise is likely to be a theme for many gifts and celebrations whether for friends, for family or just for fun.

Here are a few creative ideas from the holiday experts at American Greetings for surprising someone this Valentine's Day.

Co-Workers and Colleagues -- Americans often spend more time at work than with their family. For the many times your colleagues have been there for you both personally and professionally, they deserve to know how much their support is appreciated. On Valentine's Day, bring back the elementary school valentine exchange and hand out cards to everyone in the office for a quick pick-me-up and a guaranteed smile. And, as with any office, food is always a welcome treat. Stop by a local bakery for fresh bagels, muffins and donuts on Valentine's Day for an instant morale lift.

Family Members -- Showing love and appreciation for family is a growing aspect of Valentine's Day. In fact, the Greeting Card Association found that family members other than husbands and wives receive more than half of all valentines sent, and children are the most popular family recipients. Mom will appreciate a heartfelt card and some well-deserved R&R even more than jewelry and perfume. Plan an impromptu lunch date with dad or bring him his favorite snack to let him know you're thinking of him. And just like the coupon booklets kids create for Mother's Day or Father's Day, consider making one for them that's full of vouchers for one-on-one time with you, a night of board games and an afternoon of cooking or crafting together.

Friends -- Research shows that celebrating female friendships is an increasingly popular aspect of February 14th now that more women are living without spouses and people are staying single longer, making the bonds of friendship even stronger for many. For a creative way to show your love for your circle of friends, organize an old-time sleepover complete with brunch comfort food, flannel PJs and an evening of chic flicks. For a big laugh, break out old yearbooks or scroll through online photo albums to relive your most memorable moments together.

For Anyone Who Brightens Your Day -- Valentine's Day isn't just about reaching out to your closest family and friends. In many ways, it is a great time to say thanks to the people who make your day brighter and your life a little easier. Surprise the barista who makes your morning latte the minute you walk in the door with a card that simply says, "You sweeten my world. Happy Heart Day," and your personal message of thanks. Let the bus driver who takes you to work, or your kids to school, know how much you appreciate him or her with a week's worth of breakfast, like fresh-baked coffee cake or a loaf of homemade banana bread. And don't forget your office handyperson who always keeps the place looking good, no matter what you and the staff dish out. A box of chocolates or a lunch out of the office can go a long way in showing someone how much they are appreciated year-round.

For The One You Love -- While celebrating romance at Valentine's Day is nothing new, there are some new ways to say, "I love you." After all, a break from the routine can be the best gift ever. For the music lover, create a playlist of his or her favorite songs or "your songs," then upload them to their music player or burn onto CD and place on the front seat of their car on February 14. If your family is comprised of several four-legged, furry friends, send your loved one a cute valentine from the dog or cat. The love of Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a one-day celebration, either. Give your valentine a week's worth of love with a note in his or her briefcase or lunch bag every day leading up to February 14th. Reveal your plans for a Valentine's Day celebration in the final card.

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Surprising someone on Valentine's Day is easy with the perfect cards and gifts for every special person on your list. Not only will the recipient get a pick-me-up in their day; you'll also get the satisfaction of knowing you made someone smile and feel appreciated. Visit www.americangreetings.com/retailers for store locations.
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