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Yo-Yo Painting: Kids Krafts

By Tracey C. Agranoff

Age 6-10 years

You Will Need:

  • Newspaper or drop cloth to cover floor surface
  • Large sheet of paper
  • 1 Leg from a pair of panty hose
  • Dry foods like rice, beans, broken spaghetti or other noodles
  • Cookie sheet
  • Old kitchen towel
  • Washable tempera paints

Step 1. Cover large area of your floor with newspaper or a drop cloth.

Step 2. Lay a large piece of paper on top of the protective floor covering.

Step 3. Cut a leg off an old pair of panty hose and fill the toe with about 1
cup of rice. On top of this add a small baggie filled with sand or kitty litter knotted closed to add weight. Tie a knot in the pantyhose to hold everything in place.

Step 4. Line a cookie sheet with an old kitchen towel that's been made

Step 5. Spread several tablespoons of washable tempera paint onto the
towel. The towel will act like a stamp pad.

Step 6. From a standing position over the paper, you can bounce the panty
hose onto the paint pad and then repeatedly onto the paper.

Repeat by adding different dry ingredients to see the different kinds of prints that can be created.

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