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Quiet Times

By Carol Harding for Your Baby Today

Little does the word "quiet" appear in parenting articles. Has being quiet and having quiet time become non-existent in the world of children and families?

True, a household with young children is seldom quiet. Even the sounds we like - music, TV, sports, pets - can sometimes fill every space of our lives, making us feel exhausted. Has quietude become a rare treat?

There are many benefits of quietude: the mind and spirit are refreshed, things that typically go unnoticed get noticed, and the unappreciated aspects of our lives can be appreciated.

Here are ways to make a habit of, and to make the most of, quiet times:

  • Enjoying quiet moments can happen anytime, but it's important to schedule quiet time. Go to bed earlier than usual, wake up before everyone else in the home, walk to a quiet space to sit and breathe, or submerge yourself in a bath.

  • Be still in the quiet time. It's difficult to do nothing in our busy, goal-directed lives, but try. If you have to do something, try quiet activities like reading, sketching, or knitting.

  • Engage your baby (and the rest of your family) in your quiet habits. Nursing or holding your baby is a beautiful way to spend your quiet time.

  • Keep a "quiet" journal. Write down thoughts, dreams, and life stories to record the best of times and to get through the not-so-good times.

  • Be an advocate of quiet time. Busy people especially will benefit from, recognize, and enjoy quietude.

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