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Make Your Own Sand Art: Kids Krafts

By Tracey C. Agranoff

You will need:

  • Table salt
  • Colored chalk in various colors
  • Several small bowls for mixing
  • Construction paper (or firm paper plates work great)
  • White glue (Elmers Brand or Tacky work best)
  • Old newspaper

1. Create your own colored sand - pour some salt into a small bowl (about ½ full). Using a stick of colored chalk, color on the salt using a stirring motion. (this will take a little time, the longer you color the richer the color--try different ways of mixing; play different kinds of music while mixing and then stir fast or slow in time to the music)

2. Repeat making as many different colors as you would like.

3. Using the glue, squeeze a design onto the paper or paper plate.

4. Slowly sprinkle or use a spoon to pour sand over the glue area, pat down gently and pour extra sand off onto the spread newspaper.

5. Repeat using as many different colors as you like.

You can save and reuse the extra sand for future projects too!


Powder tempera paint can be purchased at most art supply stores and
used instead of chalk, this is a little messier.

You can also make decorative sand bottles with colored sand - using any
clear, small, glass or clear plastic container, pour in layers of different
colored sand and seal with the bottle top or use a candle to seal with
melted wax.

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